1976 J. G. Taylor Spink Award Winner Harold Kaese

Harold Kaese

A baseball, basketball, and track star from Lynn, Mass., Harold Kaese began his newspaper career with the Boston Transcript in 1933. Kaese was sports editor for the paper when it folded in 1941, at which time he joined the staff of the Boston Globe. He traveled with the Boston Red Sox and Boston Braves for nearly 40 years, retiring in 1973.

Kaese, who graduated cum laude in English from Tufts College, was respected in every press box as scrupulously fair and 100-percent correct. He was consulted nationwide as an analyst of meaningful statistics. Red Sox outfielder Reggie Smith once observed: "Harold could prove a point with that little black book quicker than anybody."

Former Globe sports editor Jerry Nason said of Kaese: "His ability to research facts, marshal them into attacking formations, then launch them in impeccable grammatical order to slay the rumors, fabrications and hearsay with which sports abound, is without parallel."