Finding Aids for Archival Collections

A Finding Aid is a document containing detailed information about a specific collection of papers or records within an archive. They are used by researchers to determine whether information within a collection is relevant to their area of interest. 

The content of a finding aid may differ depending on the type of material it is describing. Usually, a finding aid includes a description of the scope of the collection, biographical and historical information related to the collection, and restrictions on use of or access to the materials. 

The ABNER online library catalog is your guide to the holdings of the Hall's library, the best starting point for research.

Finding Aids:

A.C. Phonney Martin Scrapbook  BA SCR 10

A.G. Mills Papers, 1877-1929  BA MSS 13

Amateur League Collection  BA MSS 73

American League Agreements, 1900-1958  BA MSS 30

A.L. Annual Meetings & Minutes, 1900-1937  BA MSS 61

American League Baseball Club of NY: Records  BA MSS 17

American League Papers, 1930-1990 [bulk]  BA MSS 125

Ashland Collection BA MSS 189

Audited Financial Reports BA MSS 173

August "Garry" Herrmann Papers  BA MSS 12

Babe Ruth Scrapbooks  BA SCR 44

Banquet Programs  BA MSS 68

Baseball Magazine Covers  BA SCR 161

Betty Pebbles Collection BA MSS 217

Bill Gallo Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 126

Bill Johnson Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 127

Black Sox Scandal  BA MSS 16

Bob Coyne Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 135

Bob Gillen Scorecard Collection BA MSS 211

Bowie Kuhn Collection  BA MSS 100      

Bud Bunch trivia promotion  BA MSS 6

Burris Jenkins Jr. Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 132

Casey at the Bat Collection BA MSS 208

Chandler Reserve Clause Suits, 1948-1954  BA MSS 109

Charles Gehringer Collection BA MSS 181

Chicago Cubs and Chicago Whitesox Scorecard Collection BA MSS 213

Chicago NL Experimental Laboratories, 1938-39  BA MSS 15

Cincinnati Baseball Club Papers, 1902-1964  BA MSS 51

Cincinnati Reds Ball Park: Construction Documents, 4 volumes BA MSS 25

Cincinnati Reds Scorebooks, 1930-1933 BA MSS 116

Clare Briggs Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 128

Clark Griffith Letters, 1949-1951  BA MSS 28

Colorado Silver Bullets, 1993-1998  BA MSS 23

Correspondence Collection  BA MSS 44

Cy Jones Correspondence Collection BA MSS 227

Dick Armstrong Collection  BA MSS 110

Dick Thompson New England League Research  BA MSS 141

Dick Young Scorebooks  1959-1985  BA MSS 151

Don Donaghey Scorebooks  1926 – 1933, 1945  BA MSS 120

Dreyfuss - Benswanger Papers BA MSS 186

E.A. Roth Scorebooks, 1896-1900  BA MSS 118

Ed Barrow Papers, 1917-1953  BA MSS 35

Edward T. Murphy Scorebooks, 1923-1946  BA MSS 117

Fan mail to the Office of the Commissioner, 1990-1992  BA MSS 31

F.C. Lane Papers, 1911-1936  BA MSS 36

Federal League Suit, 1914-1945  BA MSS 85

Finance and Administration BA MSS 175

Frankie Frisch Scrapbooks  BA SCR 78

Frederick Long Papers, 1871-1905  BA MSS 14

Gary Jarvis Minor League Ballpark Photograph Collection, 1992-2005  PHOTO

Gene Mack Cartoon Collection, 1927-1950  BA MSS 47

George Weiss Scrapbooks  BA SCR 61

Government / MLB Correspondence  BA MSS 49

Harry Dalton Papers, 1960-1993  BA MSS 40

Hicks Scorecards & Programs, 1944-1969  BA MSS 149

Jackie Robinson Papers - Copy  BA MSS 102

James C. Isaminger Scorebooks, 1907-1940 BA MSS 169

J.A. Robert Quinn Papers, 1890-1946  BA MSS 38

James C. Gilruth Scorebooks BA MSS 230

Jerry Malloy Research Papers BA MSS 228

Jewish Major League Players Oral History BA MSS 197

Joint Major League Meetings, 1915-1951  BA MSS 105

Joseph S. Branzell Collection, 1953-1996  BA MSS 114

Jules Tygiel Papers, 1944-1990  BA MSS 34

Karl Orth Scorecard Collection BA MSS 212

Kurt Bloeser Comic Book Collection  BA MSS 71

Larry Tye Research Papers BA MSS 225

League and Team Schedule Collection BA MSS 207  

Leo Hershfield Cartoon Collection BA MSS 226

Leo White Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 129

Leonard Schonberg Autograph Collection  BA MSS 77

Leon Hamilton Papers, 1926-1996  BA MSS 29

Lighting Crosley Field, Cincinnati, 1934-35  BA MSS 19

Little Willy King Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 130

Lou Gehrig Scrapbooks  BA SCR 54

Louis Perini Papers, 1948-1956  BA MSS 39

Lyle Nelson Scorecard Collection  BA MSS 124

Major League Agreements BA MSS 177

Margaret and Franklin Steele Sheet Music Collection  BA MSS 3

Mark Lamster Research Papers BA MSS 159

Mary Collamore Scorecards, 1957-1991 WS  BA MSS 20

McGraw & Witte Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 137

Milton H. Jamail Papers BA MSS 203

Minor League Collection  BA MSS 72

MLB All-Star Ballots BA MSS 231

MLB All-Star Week Collection BA MSS 229

Moe Berg Papers, 1921-1973  BA MSS 32

Montreal Expos Scorecards BA MSS 214

National League Papers, 1883-1985  BA MSS 26

Newspaper Collection  BA MSS 70

NL Files: Re-Organization of Baseball, 1918-21 BA MSS 139

NL Files: WW I & II, 1917-19, 1940-50  BA MSS 138

NL Meetings, Conferences, Minutes and Financial Ledgers, 1899-1995  BA MSS 55

Old Judge Cabinet Card Collection, 1888-1889  PHOTO

Olympics - Baseball, Softball BA MSS 206

Orioles vs. Cuba, 1999 BA MSS 196

Papers Related to Babe Ruth, 1921-1968  BA MSS 57

Papers Related to Frank Frisch, 1957-1972  BA MSS 58

Papers Related to Lou Gehrig  BA MSS 75

Peter Craig Collection, 1869-1950  BA MSS 80

Philadelphia Phillies Scorebooks  1943, 1951–1965 BA MSS 123

Phil Bissell Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 136

Press Release Collection BA MSS 174

Ramond F. Burley Scorebooks  BA MSS 82

Randy Gumpert Scouting Collection BA MSS 232

Robert Creamer Manuscript Collection  BA MSS 108

Rob Edelman collection , 1905-1997  BA MSS 18

Roger Angell Papers  BA MSS 41

Roger Kahn Papers, 1936-2004  BA MSS 50

Rules Committee Meetings & Correspondence, 1925-1969  BA MSS 63

Scorebook Collection  BA MSS 115

Scorecard Collection BA MSS 209

Scouting Report Collection BA MSS 156

Sherry Davis Collection, 1991-1999  BA MSS 42

Sid Mercer Scorebooks, 1940-944  BA MSS 119

Sporting Life Cabinet Cards, 1902-1906  PHOTO

Spring Training Programs, Magazines, Yearbooks Collections BA MSS 218

Stamp Collection  BA MSS 43

Ted Kennedy Collection  BA MSS 76

Three I League Organizational Records  BA MSS 2

Tom Burlin Player Questionnaire collection  BA MSS 4

Tom Ferrick Collection, 1966-1994  BA MSS 56

Tom Meany Scorebooks, 1947-1963  BA MSS 121

Tony Lucadello Collection, 1953-1990  BA MSS 101

Topping Family Archives BA MSS 215

Waite Hoyt Collection BA MSS 171

Wendell Smith Papers  BA MSS 1

Westgate Notebooks WS, 1948-1969  BA MSS 22

William Kashatus Papers, 1988-1995  BA MSS 53

William McCabe Scorecard Collection BA MSS 210

Willard Mullin Cartoon Collection  BA MSS 131

World Tours Ephemera, 1888-89; 1913-14  BA MSS 33

Yale Scorebooks, 1893-1923  BA MSS 122