Character Education

Unit Overview

"If you have good sportsmanship, if you have good character, if you're just a good person, it goes a long way."

- Hall of Famer Andre Dawson

Character means treating fellow athletes as you'd like to be treated. That means showing respect for yourself, your teammates, your opponents, the coaches on both sides, and the umpires and referees. It also means having the courage to stand up for what's right and speak out against what's wrong. The Baseball Hall of Fame honors players not only for their accomplishments in the game, but also for the character and courage that they display both on and off the field. In this thematic unit, attributes such as perseverance, courage, humility, respect, leadership, sportsmanship, and loyalty highlighted by the lives and careers of Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Cal Ripken, Jr., and Lou Gehrig.

About the Curriculum

All of the lessons and activities that you will find below have been prepared to accompany "Character Education." This thematic unit is appropriate for elementary and middle school students. High school instructors interested in this topic are encouraged to refer to the thematic unit Leadership: Leading Off.

You will find that the curriculum is organized into two levels: Level 1 for elementary school students and Level 2 for middle school students. Feel free to pick and choose lessons from multiple levels if you feel that your students are ready for a challenge or would benefit from a review.

Within each level you will find both pre-visit lessons and post-visit lessons. We strongly encourage you to use these materials before your visit or videoconference. We've found that students understand and learn so much more if they are prepared before their Hall of Fame experience.

Click on the links to view Adobe Acrobat documents, which you can easily print or save for later use. All lessons are aligned with Common Core State Standards.

Level 1 - Rookie
Elementary Level Overview & Table of Contents
Lesson 1 (Pre-Visit) Self-Control - Jackie Robinson
Lesson 2 (Pre-Visit) Service - Roberto Clemente
Lesson 3 (Pre-Visit) Perseverance - Cal Ripken, Jr.
Lesson 4 (On-Site Visit - or - Videoconference) Lou Gehrig: The Iron Horse
Lesson 5 (Post-Visit) Terrific Traits

Level 2 - Intermediate
Intermediate Level Overview & Table of Contents
Lesson 1 (Pre-Visit) Courage - Jackie Robinson
Lesson 2 (Pre-Visit) Service - Roberto Clemente
Lesson 3 (Pre-Visit) Integrity
Lesson 4 (On-Site Visit - or - Videoconference) Lou Gehrig: The Iron Horse
Lesson 5 (Post-Visit) Teaching Traits to Others 


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On the Recommended Reading list below, you’ll find resources that were compiled to aid parents, teachers, and students in learning more about Character Education

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