Physical Science: Science on the Sandlot

Unit Overview

"Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing."

- Hall of Famer Warren Spahn

Step out of the dugout and up to the plate as the Baseball Hall of Fame delivers a lively look at science on the sandlot. In this unit, students use baseball to demonstrate basic principles of physics. They will discover how hitting, pitching, running and fielding relate to Newton's Three Laws of Motion. They will also explore how concepts such as force, gravity, inertia, and acceleration affect a Major League player's performance. Each lesson includes hands-on activities that illustrate these scientific principles.

About the Curriculum

All of the lessons and activities that you will find below have been prepared to accompany "Physical Science: Science on the Sandlot." You will find that the curriculum is organized into three levels: Level 1 for elementary school students, Level 2 for middle school students, and Level 3 for high school students. Feel free to pick and choose lessons from multiple levels if you feel that your students are ready for a challenge or would benefit from a review.

Within each level you will find both pre-visit lessons and post-visit lessons. We strongly encourage you to use these materials before your visit or videoconference. We've found that students understand and learn so much more if they are prepared before their Hall of Fame experience.

Click on the links to view Adobe Acrobat documents, which you can easily print or save for later use. All lessons are aligned with Common Core State Standards.

Level 1 - Rookie

Elementary Level Overview & Table of Contents
Lesson 1 (Pre-Visit) Basebology 101! - Part 1
Lesson 2 (Pre-Visit) Basebology 101! - Part 2
Lesson 3 (Pre-Visit) Forces & Motion
Lesson 4 On-Site Visit - or - Videoconference
Lesson 5 (Post-Visit) Speed & Distance

Level 2 - Intermediate

Intermediate Level Overview & Table of Contents
Lesson 1 (Pre-Visit) Force Play: Newton's 1st Law
Lesson 2 (Pre-Visit) Swinging for the Fences: Newton's 2nd Law
Lesson 3 (Pre-Visit) Newton's 3rd Law
Lesson 4 On-Site Visit - or - Videoconference
Lesson 5 (Post-Visit) Newton Plays Ball

Level 3 - Advanced

Coming Soon!

Interested in Additional Resources?

On the Recommended Reading list below, you’ll find resources that were compiled to aid parents, teachers, and students in learning more about Science on the Sandlot.

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Participating in a Videoconference?

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