Videoconference FAQs

How do I schedule a videoconference?

Fill out the videoconference request form to begin the registration process. You will be contacted in regards to your request by a member of our Education staff.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a videoconference?

A minimum of two weeks notice is required to schedule a videoconference. Videoconferences are scheduled on a first come, first served basis, and are often booked months in advance.

Is there a fee if I cancel or reschedule my videoconference?

If the program is cancelled or rescheduled at least one week prior to the date of the program, then no fee is charged. If the program is cancelled or rescheduled less than one week prior to the scheduled date of the videoconference, then a $25.00 administrative fee may be charged.

Programs cancelled without notice by the school will be charged the entire program fee.

How do I connect for my scheduled videoconference?

Upon completion of the registration process you will receive an IP address and instructions via email. On the date of the program please call into the indicated IP address ten minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the program.

Which educational units are appropriate for my students?

The Baseball Hall of Fame deals with a nation wide audience. Our curriculum exists in three levels (Rookie--grades 3-5, Intermediate--grades 6-8, and Advanced--grades 9-12). The listed grades are only guidelines. Teachers should decide the appropriate level for their students based on the content of the program, and not on the listed grade level. Please carefully read through the unit content before deciding which level is best for your class!

In addition to our standard programs, we offer programs for Pre-K through 2nd grade audiences, and University audiences. Please contact our Education Department at (607)547-0347 or education [at] baseballhalloffame [dot] org to learn more about these experiences.

How much does it cost to participate in a videoconference?

Videoconferences are $125 for Hall of Fame Members and $150 for non-members. Click here to learn more about our membership program.

Is there a limit to how many students can participate in one videoconference connection?

There is no limit to the number of participants in a given program. However, the size of the audience can dramatically alter the intended experience. An audience of less than 30 students is ideal for the interactive experiences provided by the Hall of Fame. If your class will be significantly larger than 30 students, please consult with the Hall of Fame's education department prior to your program to ensure that the presenter is prepared for the size of your audience.

How do I prepare my students for the videoconference?

Prior to your scheduled program you will receive an email outlining what, if any, supplies and materials you will need for your program. Preparation activities are available and are strongly encouraged, but not required. Please visit our online thematic unit section to learn more about the pre-program activities available for your class.

What equipment do I need in order to experience a videoconference with the Hall of Fame?

To best experience a videoconference program with the Baseball Hall of Fame your system should be equipped with the following elements.

  • A videoconferencing codec (short for coder/decoder) which processes and compresses the outgoing and incoming signals. Tandberg and Polycom manufacture the two prevalent videoconferencing hardware systems.
  • A camera and microphone to transmit audio/video from your classroom to Cooperstown.
  • A television, screen, or otherwise blank surface to project images from the Hall of Fame.
  • Speakers and a monitor to hear and see audio and video transmitted by the Hall of Fame.