Robin Evan Roberts – Induction Speech

Cooperstown, NY

August 09, 1976
Robin Roberts was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1976. (National Baseball Hall of Fame Library)

The commissioner didn’t say anything about brains. I’ll tell you, I showed up a lot, which is one of the reasons I’m here, and I’m very grateful for it. Before I speak, I would like to introduce my wife Mary. Will you please stand up. My oldest son Robbie and his wife Debbie. My next boy Danny; then Richard, who’s 19 years old; and the one we still have at home, Jimmie. I’m like Freddie, I have so many people that took the time to come all this way to be in Cooperstown, not only to see the Hall of Fame, but here because I am being inducted today, and I thank them so very much. I would like to introduce two others, my sister Nora and my brother John. Will you please stand up.

I want to thank the Hall of Fame people - Paul Kerr, Kenny Smith. They’ve been awful nice and there’s a lot of work involved in this, and I appreciate the effort they did for me. Also, the commissioner’s office; all of the people who were involved in this great event. I kind of had a feeling when I heard about this, and as I sat around waiting for the Hall of Fame induction day, I felt like when I was a kid I read about Schoolboy Rowe who was a young pitcher for the Tigers and he came from El Dorado, Arkansas. He ended up, I think, in a World Series in 1934 and there was only radio at the time and he got on the air and he said, “How am I doing, Edna?” Edna was his wife back in El Dorado and I kind of had that same feeling about this whole thing. It’s kind of something you never think about. I never thought about it. I enjoyed baseball, and appreciate what it did for me. I am just very thrilled to be here this day. The Hall of Fame people I’d like to say were very nice. I only had one request for them that they turned down. I asked Kenny Smith if he didn’t think it would be appropriate if I would invite everyone that ever hit a home run off me to be here today. And Kenny said Cooperstown wasn’t big enough. But I am going to have little cards made up that say, “I hit a home run off Robbie” and mail it to all those gentlemen because I’m sure they’d like to have it in their wallet. There was a lot of them, by the way.

Thank you very much. I am very thrilled and I will be back every year. I’m very happy to be associated with these gentlemen. I wondered after the election whether I belonged or not, and I’m so glad I came because after looking at these beat-up guys I know I do.

Thank you very much.