Baseball Hall of Fame and K12 Inc. Team Up To Deliver New Education Content for Online Users Promoting Healthy Living

‘Be A Superior Example’ Program Promotes Lifestyle Free of Performance-Enhancing Substances Through Interactive Lessons, Guidance of Hall of Fame Members

September 04, 2012

COOPERSTOWN, NY The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is encouraging individuals of all ages to “Be A Superior Example,” through a new education program, designed by K12 Inc., as part of a new curriculum to promote healthy habits, while encouraging everyone to live free of performance-enhancing substances.

The new curriculum debuts Tuesday, September 4, online at and in a new Museum exhibit in Cooperstown.

The online content features several Hall of Fame members promoting the four core values of the “BASE” program – fitness, nutrition, character and fair play.  The program provides guidance for developing healthy lifestyles and promoting injury prevention, while empowering students, parents and athletic administrators to identify potential performance-enhancing substance use.

“The BASE program is designed to help students and parents understand the four bases that help define healthy living,” said Jeff Idelson, President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. “When we set out to develop online content with a company whose core values and high standards matched ours, we looked no further than K12 Inc., a leader in the field of online education. The user-experienced designed by K12, featuring the Hall of Fame’s curriculum, created a truly revolutionary delivery vehicle of these important lessons, directly to the individual, accessible anywhere around the globe."

Hall of Fame members Henry Aaron, Bert Blyleven, Andre Dawson, Tony Perez and Ryne Sandberg are featured in the online programs, along with former female professional baseball player Julie Croteau.  Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith narrates and serves as the spokesman for the All-Star level program, designed for viewers ages 13 and over. The 12-and-under Rookie version of the online presentation features Cooper, a young “pup” who looks to his coach for advice on how to become a great example. Visitors to the content self-select their appropriate age range, as users can complete one or both of the explorations.

“We are honored to work with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum on such an important social initiative to bring awareness to the dangers of performance-enhancing substances to individuals around the world, while sharing the positive messages of healthy living, particularly with young athletes,” said Ron Packard, CEO and Founder of K12 Inc. “The BASE program is an outstanding initiative for the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the team at K12 could not be more pleased to help the Museum reach new audiences with such an important concept.”

The two online units, each running about 15 minutes in length, provides an introductory overview and accompanying interactive activity for each of the four bases of the program. On October 5, the Museum will introduce a conclusion piece to the online education programs, prompting users who have completed the program to make a pledge to live and play free of performance-enhancing substances. The pledge will live in a national registry online and in the Museum in Cooperstown. Those who visit the Museum will be able to see the names of others who have made the pledge. 

While the educational units are available online to anyone with internet access, visitors to Cooperstown can explore the new Museum exhibit, where they can access the K12 learning modules on one of several interactive kiosks. The new exhibit features both high-tech and early learner features that provide for access to content for a variety of ages. 

The BASE program is designed to help raise the national awareness on the dangers of PES use By educating audiences about the short- and long-term effects of PES use, the Hall of Fame hopes to help individuals of all ages make informed decisions about their health. 

Complete information of the BASE program is available through a comprehensive white paper, featuring detailed data on the use of performance-enhancing substances and the fundraising objectives of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, online at

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