Stories: Women in Baseball

#Shortstops: Madame umpire

In 1908, this ball in the Museum's collection was used in a series umpired by Amanda Clement, who became the first woman to ever be paid to umpire a game in 1904.

#Shortstops: Spring Training in Cuba

In 1947, All-American Girls Professional Baseball League teams joined the Brooklyn Dodgers for Spring Training in Cuba.

#Shortstops: A chance to play the game

Could Dorothy “Kammie” Kamenshek have been the first woman to play Major League Baseball?

An AAGPBL moment in time

On Aug. 19, 1945, Dottie Collins won a game against the Rockford Peaches, and also met her future husband.

#Shortstops: Woman in Blue

Pam Postema broke new ground for women umpires.

#Shortstops: Another view of Effa

Two Effa Manley photos tell the story of a baseball pioneer.

#Shortstops: The business of the Negro Leagues

As baseball began to integrate and major league teams began signing African-American ballplayers, Effa Manley advocated fiercely - and successfully - for compensation for Negro League teams.

#Shortstops: Effa’s scrapbook

Museum preserves first-hand history of the first woman elected to the Hall of Fame.

#Shortstops: Mary Pratt’s suitcase

Statistics tell the story of a player’s career in black and white. But it’s the personal belongings of a player which add color to that career.

#Shortstops: A Baseball Prodigy

Edith Houghton began playing professional baseball at age 10

AAGPBL launched with great fanfare in 1943

Philip K. Wrigley chartered the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League on February 20, 1943.

Girls with Gloves

The All-Female Silver Bullets competed from 1994-97.

#Shortstops: The Iron Woman

A star for the AAGPBL, Connie Wisniewski was known as "The Iron Woman."

#Shortstops: An AAGPBL legacy

After competing in a tryout, Joyce "Lucky" Steele earned a spot on the AAGPBL's Kalamazoo Lassies in 1953.

#Shortstops: Pitcher and Policewoman Erma Bergmann

Erma Bergmann became on the first women police officers in St. Louis following her AAGPBL playing career.

Women’s baseball history continued long after AAGPBL ended

A digitized interview of former AAGPBL members offers new information on the change of public perception on women's baseball.

AAGPBL shined a light at Wrigley Field in 1943

On July 1, 1943, the AAGPBL All-Star Game became the first contest played under the lights at Wrigley Field.

#Shortstops: An Athlete and a Scholar

For one slugging outfielder, playing baseball meant more than just the thrill of the game, it meant opportunity.

Before A League of Their Own

A baseball exhibit led to a hit film

Hall of Fame Documents Sonoma Stompers: First Women to Play in Men’s League since 1950s

The Hall of Fame just received numerous artifacts from the Sonoma Stompers, a team that featured three female baseball players on its roster last year.

#Shortstops: Maria Pepe changes the face of Little League

Many of those talented Little League athletes are young women who can follow their baseball dreams, thanks to Maria Pepe.

Artifact collection of former Bloomer Girls star preserved at the Hall of Fame

Florrie O'Rourke artifacts document outstanding women's team of early 20th century.

#Shortstops: Janet Marie Smith’s ballpark designs have changed the landscape of the game

Janet Marie Smith gives a hallowed ground for baseball fans to walk.

#Shortstops: Judy Scarafile guided Cape Cod League to new heights

Under Judy Scarafile's tenure as president, the Cape Cod league continued to grow and prosper as the nation’s top collegiate summer league.

Silver Bullets come to Cooperstown

The Colorado Silver Bullets journeyed to Cooperstown more than once during their franchise history.

Ponytails on the Diamond

Gabrielle Augustine, the Hall of Fame's Assistant Curator, tells the story of her own baseball career.

#Shortstops: Perfect outfit

Katie Brownell's perfect game jersey is part of the Hall of Fame collection.

Historic 2006 election honors Negro Leagues legends

On Feb. 27, 2006, the Special Committee on Negro Leagues elected 17 new Hall of Famers.

Toni Stone, Connie Morgan and Mamie Johnson blazed a trail for women in the Negro Leagues

In the 1950s, Indianapolis Clows owner Syd Pollack signed three women who had the talent to be more than simply gate attractions.

Nakken's historic jersey comes to Cooperstown

Alyssa Nakken of the San Francisco Giants became the first woman to hold a full-time MLB coaching position in 2020.

Ng’s story told at Hall of Fame

Kim Ng made history on Nov. 13, 2020 as the first woman and Asian American to be named as GM of an MLB team.

Perfection Personified

Chelsea Baker threw two perfect games in less than a calendar year, then donated her jersey to the Hall of Fame

A telegram that changed baseball history

Upon the passing of her uncle, Helene Robison Britton became the owner of the St. Louis Cardinals.

#Shortstops: Nancy Faust delighted White Sox fans with her organ playing

For 41 seasons, Nancy Faust was the organist for the Chicago White Sox.

#Shortstops: Walk a Mile in her Shoes

On June 24, 1972, Bernice Gera became the first woman to umpire a professional baseball game.

Sherry Davis broke barriers with Giants

Sherry Davis made history as the first full-time female PA announcer in Major League Baseball.