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Cobb, Ty photographs
Fox, Nellie photographs
Sisler, George photographs
Tinker, Joe photographs
Thome, Jim photographs


Auction Catalog, Louisville Slugger(BL-374-2019)
Black baseball's last team standing : the Birmingham Black Barons, 1919-1962 (BL-403-2019)
Black baseball, 1858-1900 : a comprehensive record of the teams, players, managers, owners and umpires (BL-404-2019)
Bloomer girls : women baseball pioneers (BL-401-2019)
Boston Red Sox, Louisville Slugger Series (BL-391-2019)
Boston Red Sox versus Colorado Rockies scorecard, 2019 August 27(BL-360-2019)
Butler Bulldogs versus US Air Force Academy Falcons scorecard, 2019 May 11 (BL-360-2019)
Catch the Moment press kit, 1999 (BL-366-2019)
Chicago Cubs versus Colorado Rockies scorecard, 2019 June 12(BL-360-2019)
Edgar: an autobiography (BL-390-2019)
Ernie Banks : the life and career of "Mr. Cub" (BL-398-2019 ; BL-408-2019)
Hank Aaron 715th Home Run 25th Anniversary commemorative ticket, 4/8/1999 (BL-366-2019)
Here's the catch : a memoir of the miracle Mets and more (BL-395-2019)
Los Angeles Dodgers versus Colorado Rockies scorecard, 2019 July 31(BL-360-2019)
Mantle : the best there ever was (BL-387-2019)
MLB ALCS Program, 2018 (BL-380-2019)
MLB ALCS 2019 Program(BL-377-2019)
MLB NLCS Program, 2018 (BL-380-2019)
MLB NLCS 2019 Series Program(BL-377-2019)
MLB World Series Program, 2019(BL-379-2019)
Mobile Bears Baseball schedule, 1957 (BL-366-2019)
Mobile Bears official score book, 1947 (BL-366-2019)
My dad, Yogi : a memoir of family and baseball (BL-388-2019)
NYS Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Program. 2018 (BL-380-2019)
Ofisharu bēsubōru gaido : puroyakyū kōshiki kirokushū 2019 / Official Baseball Guide 2019 (BL-383-2019)
Ogden Raptors versus Rocky Mountain Vibes scorecard, 2019 August 18 (BL-360-2019)
Philadelphia Phillies versus Colorado Rockies scorecard, 2019 April 21 (BL-360-2019)
Ruth, Babe: Bowling (PHT 001)
Ruth, Babe: Art (PHT 001)
Ruth, Babe: Art (PHT 001)
Sandlotters' Baseball guide, 1927 (BL-381-2019)
Spalding, Al (PHT 012)
Spalding, Al (PHT 012)
Spalding, Al (PHT 012)
St. Louis Cardinals versus Chicago Cubs scorecard, 2019 September 21 (BL-360-2019)
The Spy Behind Home Plate advertising card, 2019 (BL-386-2019)
Utica Blue Sox versus Oneonta Yankees scorecard, 1982 July 29 (BL-350-2019)
World Series Media Guide, 2019(BL-377-2019)


Austin Wood cap, 2009 May 30-31 (B-227-2009)
Baines, Harold (PHT 012)
Baines, Harold (PHT 012)
Baines, Harold (PHT 053)
Baines, Harold (PHT 053)
Bill Gallo New York Daily News poster, undated (BL-84-2019)
Bobby Abreu Home Run bat, 2010 September 19 (B-194-2010)
Brian Gorman Shea Stadium Final Game cap, 2008 September 28 (B-263-2008)
Dave Winfield of the Yankees cartoon, 1985 (BL-84-2019)
Ervin Santana No-Hitter Autographed ball, 2011 July 27 (B-133-2011)
Francisco Rodriguez 57th Season Save Autographed ball, 2008 September 11 (B-237-2008)
Gehrig, Lou (BA PHT 010)
Gehringer, Charlie (BA PHT 010)
Gehrig, Lou (BA PHT 010)
Gehringer, Charlie (BA PHT 010)
Los Angeles Angels 20 Strikeouts Autographed ball, 2012 September 25 (B-192-2012)
Mattingly Carries the Load cartoon, undated (BL-84-2019)
Rickey Henderson Autographed cap, 2003 (B-107-2005)
Ruth, Babe (BA PHT 010)
Ruth, Babe (BA PHT 010)
Speaker, Tris (PHT 010)
The Eyes Have It Cartoon reproduction, possibly 1981 (BA MSS 126)
Untitled cartoon, probably 1977 (BL-84-2019)
Untitled cartoon, probably 1994 (BL-84-2019)
Untitled cartoon, undated (BL-84-2019)
Untitled illustration, 1994 (BL-84-2019)
While We Wait for Baseball, I'll Play These cartoon, undated (BL-84-2019)