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Hailey Dawson Autographed prosthetic hand, 2015 (B-275-2019)
Experimental Yellow Autographed ball, 1938 August 02 (B-287-2017)
Hurd Family Nine shirt, between 1930 and 1950 (B-229-2018)
Dodgers Rookies warmup jacket, 1958 (B-20-2018)
Arlington Stadium World Seriea Dirt, 2012 (B-231-2010)
Bob Lemon No-Hitter Bronzed Glove, 1948 (B-3-76)
Howard P. Savage Junior Baseball Trophy, 1928 amd 1961 (B-321-51)
Stan Coveleski Polish Boys of Cleveland Trophy, Undated (B-291-72)
South Side Long Island Village Championship Trophy Bat, (B-235-53)
Stan Musial Batting Championship Trophy Bat, 1952 (B-259-53)
United States Marine Corps Championship Trophy, 1944 (B-145-2005)
Bowie Kuhn Sporting News Trophy, 1983 (B-109-87)
Dutch Zwilling Federal League Trophy Bat, 1914 (B-133-79-1)
Citi Field Inaugural Game Dirt, 2009 (B-142-2009)
Herkimer County Champion Baseball Trophy Bat, 1867-1879 (B-149-57)
Coors Field World Series dirt, 2007 (B-187-2007)
Yankee Stadium All-Star Game Dirt, 2008 (B-187-2008)
Governor's Cup trophy, 1933-1988 (B-211-88)
Warren Giles Rochester Red Wings trophy, 1929 (B-215-74)
Willie Keeler Base-Running Trophy Pitcher, 1895 (B-23-47)
Pittsburgh Pirates Business Men's Leauge trophy, 1909 (B-324-55)

Cobb, Ty photographs
Fox, Nellie photographs
Sisler, George photographs
Tinker, Joe photographs
Thome, Jim photographs


Books and Publications
Auction Catalog, Louisville Slugger(BL-374-2019)
Black baseball's last team standing : the Birmingham Black Barons, 1919-1962 (BL-403-2019)
Black baseball, 1858-1900: A Comprehensive Record of the Teams, Players, Managers, Owners and Umpires (BL-404-2019)
Bloomer girls : women baseball pioneers (BL-401-2019)
Boston Red Sox, Louisville Slugger Series (BL-391-2019)

Ruth, Babe: Art (PHT 001)
Ruth, Babe: Bowling (PHT 001)