Digitally Preserve Historic Photos of the Hall of Fame Class of 1937

We need your help to continue our work to digitally preserve the Museum’s photo collection, which contains more than 250,000 images. Last fall, we launched the Museum’s PASTIME online database at

Now you can help us to preserve and provide access to images of the star-studded class of 1937.

Cost to digitally preserve images of:

Morgan Bulkeley (4 images): FUNDED
Ban Johnson (13 images): FUNDED
Nap Lajoie (65 images): FUNDED
Connie Mack (409 images): $2,255
John McGraw (158 images): $810 *20 images preserved from donation
Tris Speaker (142 images): FUNDED
George Wright (5 images): FUNDED
Cy Young (126 images): $675