Digitally Preserve Historic Photos of the Hall of Fame Class of 1972

We need your help to continue our work to digitally preserve the Museum’s photo collection, which contains more than 250,000 images. Last fall, we launched the Museum’s PASTIME online database at

Now you can help us to preserve and provide access to images of the star-studded class of 1972.

Thanks to the following individuals for their gifts to digitally preserved images from the Class of 1972. As a result of their gift, they will be preserved and also added to the PASTIME digital collection at

• Josh Gibson thanks to a gift from Tom Seavers
• Buck Leonard thanks to a gift from Gerry E. McGee
• A portion of the Ross Youngs collection thanks to a gift from Steven Rothschild

Cost to digitally preserve images of:

Yogi Berra (572 images): $3,030
Josh Gibson (16 images): FUNDED
Lefty Gomez (95 images): $505
William Harridge (111 images): $675
Sandy Koufax (328 images): FUNDED
Buck Leonard (22 images): FUNDED
Early Wynn (96 images): $480
Ross Youngs (15 images): FUNDED IN PART ($40 remaining)

Total cost to digitally preserve all remaining images: $4,650

For more information, or to make a donation of any amount towards a Hall of Famer from the Class of 1972, please contact Becky Ashe of our Development Team at (607) 547-0310 or [email protected].

This image of Yogi Berra chasing down a foul ball is one of thousands that need to be preserved. (Arthur Rickerby / National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum)

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