Whole New Ballgame

Beginning Saturday, Nov. 7, 2015, it’s a Whole New Ballgame on the second floor of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum – and a whole new way for visitors to learn about the evolving nature of baseball.

Whole New Ballgame is a brand-new exhibit that re-imagines baseball history from 1970 through today. Featuring new video displays, redesigned exhibits and many rarely-seen artifacts, this re-imagined portion of the Museum’s timeline examines our National Pastime through three different perspectives: On the field, from the stands and behind the scenes. Altogether, it’s an exhibit that covers the complete baseball experience in modern times.

“It’s thrilling, it’s interactive, it’s interdisciplinary and it stretches far beyond the old experience of this exhibit – which was to go to your team, read about them and move on,” said John Odell, the Museum’s lead curator on Whole New Ballgame. “Every single case features some sort of neat story and something that resonates with the baseball fan.”

Whole New Ballgame was made possible by a donation from Bill Janetschek, Jr. to honor his late father. The Janetscheks have been passionate fans of baseball dating back to Bill Sr.’s first Dodgers games at Ebbets Field in the 1950s.

From postseason heroics and the designated hitter to labor disputes and games on your smart phone, Whole New Ballgame aims to give Museum visitors a comprehensive view of today’s game. Access the pages below to get an inside look at some of the featured themes and artifacts. Then prepare for your next trip to Cooperstown. A Whole New Ballgame awaits.

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