The Road to Cooperstown

Hear the official podcast of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum every Saturday on SiriusXM's MLB Network Radio channel, with episodes available on all major podcast platforms the following Tuesday.

Each episode will dive into the challenges and obstacles the all-time greats of the game overcame to become enshrined in the most exclusive club in sports. Every Hall of Famer has a story of brilliance and resilience to tell on their journey along The Road to Cooperstown.



Season 1 will run from June through October, and each week’s episode will feature a long-form conversation between SiriusXM host Jon Paul Morosi and a different Hall of Famer.

Episode 5: Craig Biggio

Craig Biggio at Hall of Fame lectern

From his decision to play baseball over football to becoming an accomplished catcher, infielder and outfielder, Craig Biggio willed his way to the Hall of Fame.



I have a thing out on the veranda that I started many years ago. I grab each inductee and I have them sit in the rocker next to me. I say, ‘I want you to take a minute now and look over Lake Oswego. I want you to look at that and just think about what you’ve achieved. There’s nobody to worry about now, all the people are gone and we’re in our private area.’ I say, ‘We have that moment, and I want you to think about what you’ve achieved. You’re a Hall of Famer.’

— Johnny Bench • Hall of Fame Class of 1989

Episode 1: Johnny Bench

Johnny Bench waves at Induction Ceremony


Leading off with a leader of the Big Red Machine, Johnny Bench joined the podcast to discuss his journey from humble beginnings in Binger, Okla., to the Hall of Fame. From surviving a bus accident in high school to dozens of broken bones to lung surgery, it's a story a stat line could never tell.


Episode 2: John Smoltz

John Smoltz speaks at Induction Ceremony


From dominant starting pitcher to record-setting closer and back, John Smoltz was one of baseball's best big-game performers. Hear his stories on The Road to Cooperstown.


Episode 3: George Brett

George Brett holds Hall of Fame plaque


George Brett talks about the pine tar incident and his friendship with Goose Gossage, the hitting technique that made him so successful and experiences that inspired him to re-focus and extend his career.



Episode 4: Ozzie Smith

Ozzie Smith in powder blue Cardinals jersey

Ozzie Smith's road to Cooperstown was paved in yellow gold, but he still had to backflip over obstacles on his journey to the Hall of Fame.



Cal Ripken Jr. at 2007 Legends of the Game Roundtable

Stay tuned this summer to hear from these Hall of Fame legends:

  • Cal Ripken Jr.
  • Tom Glavine
  • Joe Torre
  • and many more!


It was a roller coaster at times but it was an incredible ride. At the end of the day, I got a chance to compete in a ton of playoffs and win a World Series, but the journey was worth every single surgery and every single bump in the road because it was a unique one.

— John Smoltz • Hall of Fame Class of 2015


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People ask me, ‘Would I change anything?’ I wouldn’t change a thing. There were rocks in the road, there were boulders in the road, but making it to Cooperstown was one of the greatest achievements of my life.

— Ozzie Smith • Hall of Fame Class of 2002

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