Al Barlick

Albert Joseph Barlick
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1989
Primary team:
Primary position: Umpire

A World War II Coast Guard veteran who entered the umpiring field because of a coal mining strike, Al Barlick served as a National League umpire for 27 seasons, breaking in at age 25. With seven All-Star games and seven World Series assignments, he developed a reputation for hustle, stern demeanor and a strict, but fair, interpretation of the rules. Renowned for a booming voice, decisive hand signals and a superb knowledge of the rules, Barlick was also active in forming the umpires’ union and was a leader in their drive for better pay and respect.

Career stats

Year Inducted: 1989
Primary Team:
Position Played: Umpire
Birth place: Springfield, Illinois
Birth year: 1915
Died: 1995, Springfield, Illinois