Campanella, Roy

Roy Campanella
Born: November 19, 1921, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died: June 26, 1993, Woodland Hills, California
Played For: 
Brooklyn Dodgers (1948-1957)
Elected to the Hall of Fame by Baseball Writers: 1969

A star with both the bat and glove, Roy Campanella was agile behind the plate, had a rifle arm and was an expert at handling pitchers. He was named National League MVP three times, including a 1953 selection in which he set single-season records for catchers with 41 homers and a National League-best 142 RBIs. Before signing with the Dodgers, the broad-shouldered receiver starred with the Negro National League's Baltimore Elite Giants for seven seasons. His career was cut short by a tragic auto accident prior to the 1958 season.

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Induction Speech

Did You Know: 
Roy Campanella is the only catcher to win three National League Most Valuable Player Awards?
More than one observer has likened Campanella's quickness behind the plate to that of a cat. He can pounce on bunts placed far out in front of the plate and he gets his throws away with no waste motion. He had not only a rifle arm but an accurate one.
Tom Meany, NY World Telegram