Alexander Cartwright

Alexander Cartwright Jr.
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1938
Primary team: Knickerbocker Base Ball Club
Primary position: Executive

Alexander Cartwright is often referred to as “The Father of Modern Baseball.” Cartwright was a founding and influential member of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York City, baseball’s first organized club. He played a key role in formalizing the first published rules of the game, including the concepts of foul territory, the distance between bases, three-out innings, nine-member teams with fixed batting orders, and the elimination of retiring baserunners by throwing batted baseballs at them. In 1849, Cartwright traveled west, sowing the seeds of baseball all the way to California and subsequently Hawaii.

"Ninety feet between the bases is the nearest to perfection that man has yet achieved. "
Red Smith

Career stats

Year Inducted: 1938
Primary Team: Knickerbocker Base Ball Club
Position Played: Executive
Birth place: New York, New York
Birth year: 1820
Died: 1892, Honolulu, Hawaii