Cartwright, Alexander

Alexander Joy Cartwright Jr.
Born: April 17, 1820, New York, New York
Died: July 12, 1892, Honolulu, Hawaii
Elected to the Hall of Fame by Veterans Committee: 1938

Alexander Cartwright is often referred to as The Father of Modern baseball. Though the appellation may be an overstatement, Cartwright was a founding and influential member of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York City, baseball's first organized club. Cartwright likely played a key role in formalizing the first published rules of the game, including the concept of foul territory, the distance between bases, three-out innings, and the elimination of retiring baserunners by throwing batted baseballs at them.

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Did You Know: 
that Alexander Cartwright left New York in 1849 and eventually settled in Hawaii where he became fire chief of Honolulu during the 1850s?
The game that he left in the East as his legacy to the nation became a pastime that enriched its followers beyond his wildest dreams.
Lee Allen