Comiskey, Charles

Charles Comiskey
Born: August 15, 1859, Chicago, Illinois
Died: October 26, 1931, Eagle River, Wisconsin
Played For: 
St. Louis Browns or Brown Stockings (1882-1889, 1891), Chicago Pirates (1890), Cincinnati Reds (1892-1894)
Elected to the Hall of Fame by Veterans Committee: 1939

Charles Comiskey experienced success as a player, manager and owner for a half century. He became player-manager of the American Association's St. Louis Browns at age 24 in 1883 and won four consecutive pennants from 1885 to 1888. He became one of the founders of the American League in 1901 and owned the Chicago White Sox for 31 years, winning five pennants. In 1910, he built famed Comiskey Park, an impressive steel and concrete structure that lasted 80 years.

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Did You Know: 
that Charlie Comiskey is credited with being the first player to position himself off and well behind the bag as a first baseman, a practice that is still employed today?
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