Jocko Conlan

John Bertrand Conlan
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1974
Primary team:
Primary position: Umpire

Jocko Conlan became an umpire by accident. When Red Ormsby was overcome by the heat while umpiring a 1935 game between the White Sox and Browns. Conlan, an outfielder with the Chisox, was asked to fill in. The following year he launched his new career. A polka-dot tie, balloon chest protector and quick grin became his trademarks. Conlan won the respect of players and managers alike with his hustle, accuracy and fairness. He also umpired in five World Series.

"I know of no one who has been more dedicated to his profession, more loyal to the game in which he has been such a big party, and I hate to see him hang up his spikes. "
Warren Giles

Career stats

Year Inducted: 1974
Primary Team:
Position Played: Umpire
Bats: Left
Throws: Left
Birth place: Chicago, Illinois
Birth year: 1899
Died: 1989, Scottsdale, Arizona
Played for:
Chicago White Sox (1934-1935)