Cuyler, Kiki

Hazen Shirley Cuyler
Born: August 30, 1898, Harrisville, Michigan
Died: February 11, 1950, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Played For: 
Pittsburgh Pirates (1921-1927), Chicago Cubs (1928-1935), Cincinnati Reds (1935-1937), Brooklyn Dodgers (1938)
Elected to the Hall of Fame by Veterans Committee: 1968

Hazen Shirley Kiki Cuyler combined speed and a knack for seeing-eye base hits in an 18-season career, excelling as a gifted outfielder. Cuyler hit above .300 in 10 years, topping .350 four times. He also led the National League in stolen bases four times and played on four pennant-winning teams. In 1925, he enjoyed a brilliant season -- batting .357 while leading the league in triples (26) and runs scored (144) -- topping it off by driving in the Pirates' winning run off Walter Johnson in the World Series.

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Did You Know: 
that Kiki Cuyler hit two inside-the-park home runs in the diminutive confines of Philadelphia's Baker Bowl on Aug. 28, 1925?
Cuyler can hit, run, field and throw with the best of 'em. What a great ballplayer he is.
Fred Hoey