Billy Evans

William George Evans
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1973
Primary team:
Primary position: Umpire

Athletic and educated, Billy Evans was only 22 when he joined the American League umpire crew in 1906, becoming the youngest major league umpire in history. Working six World Series during a 22-year career, Evans was lauded for fairness and superior integrity. Evans once said, “The umpire must be firm and insistent on his dignity but must not be officious.” Besides being an umpire, Evans was an accomplished sportswriter. He also later served as a front office executive for the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers.

"Some historians insist that after a soda pop bottle thrown by a St. Louis fan in 1907 fractured the skull of umpire Billy Evans, public animosity toward his trade began to slacken. "
J. Astor

Career stats

Year Inducted: 1973
Primary Team:
Position Played: Umpire
Birth place: Chicago, Illinois
Birth year: 1884
Died: 1956, Miami, Florida