Foster, Rube

Andrew Foster
Born: September 17, 1879, Calvert, Texas
Died: December 9, 1930, Kankakee, Illinois
Played For: 
Chicago Union Giants (1902), Cuban X-Giants (1903), Philadelphia Giants (1904-1906), Leland Giants (1907-1910), Chicago American Giants (1911-1926)
Elected to the Hall of Fame by Veterans Committee: 1981

A player, manager, owner, commissioner and unsurpassed visionary, Rube Foster was one of baseball's greatest Renaissance men. In his youth, Foster was a star pitcher of the dead ball era, and later as owner-manager of the Chicago American Giants, the burly Texan instilled in his players the daring, aggressive, yet disciplined style of play for which the Negro leagues became famous. In 1920, he founded the first successful Negro league, the Negro National League, which flourished throughout the decade.

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Did You Know: 
that Rube Foster won 44 games in a row as a pitcher with the 1902 Cuban Giants?
When Rube Foster died Negro baseball died with him.
Joe Green