Bowie Kuhn

Bowie Kent Kuhn
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 2008
Primary team:
Primary position: Executive

A lawyer by trade, Bowie Kuhn embarked on a baseball odyssey, working the scoreboard at Washington's Griffith Stadium to becoming Major League Baseball's fifth commissioner in 1969. During his 15-year tenure, baseball experienced dramatic increases in attendance, salaries, revenue and franchise values. While steering the game through labor strife, including strikes and the establishment of free agency, Kuhn introduced night baseball to the World Series, expanded television coverage and began divisional play in each league.

"I believe in the Rip Van Winkle Theory: that a man from 1910 must be able to wake up after being asleep for 70 years, walk into a ballpark and understand baseball perfectly. "
Bowie Kuhn

Career stats

Year Inducted: 2008
Primary Team:
Position Played: Executive
Birth place: Takoma Park, Maryland
Birth year: 1926
Died: 2007, Jacksonville, Florida