Wilson, Hack

Lewis Robert Wilson
Born: April 26, 1900, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Died: November 23, 1948, Baltimore, Maryland
Played For: 
New York Giants (1923-1925), Chicago Cubs (1926-1931), Brooklyn Dodgers (1932-1934), Philadelphia Phillies (1934)
Elected to the Hall of Fame by Veterans Committee: 1979

Hack Wilson's career was relatively short, much like his stature, but he packed a wallop in his prime. A winner of four home--run titles while with the Cubs, his 1930 season still inspires awe -- 191 RBIs (the all-time Major League record), 56 home runs (a National League record for 68 years) and a .356 batting average. Although remembered as a power hitter with 244 home runs and 1,063 RBIs, Wilson also totaled an impressive .307 career batting average over 12 Major League seasons.

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Did You Know: 
that Hack Wilson is reputed to have received his nickname because of his resemblance to internationally famous Russian weightlifter and pro wrestler George Hackenschmidt?
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