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(COOPERSTOWN, NY) Since his 2009 election to the Baseball Hall of Fame, Rickey Henderson has heard the same words upon each return trip to Cooperstown.

“He looks like he could still play the game.”

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) – Their stories document the game at its very inception, where the journey to the big leagues – and sometimes the Hall of Fame – begins. For baseball scouts, it’s the record of hits and misses, the can’t-miss prospects and the 37th-round steals.

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) As America’s heroes are honored in Cooperstown on Memorial Day Weekend, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is providing a special opportunity for those affiliated with military organizations to be a part of the day-long salute at the home of baseball.

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) – Five of the game’s greatest players of the 20th century will help select the design of the coin destined to become a favorite of baseball fans and coin collectors for the 21st century and generations to come.

Museum curators are hard at work on the "Diamond Mines" exhibit on the second floor. (Milo Stewart, Jr./NBHOF Library)

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) – The story of professional baseball scouts is almost as old as the National Pastime itself. So in preparation for the first exhibition to provide an in-depth look at the scouting profession, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum teamed its research efforts with the Society for American Baseball Research to unearth as much information as possible to share the work of scouts with global audiences. 

Dodgers scout Bill Zinser gave future Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax a glowing report. (NBHOF Library)

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) – For every Hall of Fame player, there’s a scout who started him on the road to Cooperstown. 

Now, those scouts will have their place at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. 

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) Two of the game’s legendary managers are on their way to Cooperstown. And when Bobby Cox and Cito Gaston arrive for the May 25 Hall of Fame Classic, they’ll find waiting for them a lineup card filled with Hall of Fame legends and stars from the last three decades.

Artifacts from Legendary Pictures movie "42" will open in the Museum’s “Baseball at the Movies” exhibit in July. (Milo Stewart, Jr./NBHOF Library)

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) – Several artifacts featured in the new motion picture release ‘42’ have arrived in Cooperstown and will be featured in a new exhibit to open in July  to pay tribute to the film’s portrayal of Jackie Robinson in breaking baseball’s color barrier in 1947. 

(WASHINGTON, DC) – The United States Mint today announced the opening of its Baseball Coin Design Competition that will culminate in the Department of the Treasury’s selection of the image for the obverse (heads side) of the 2014 National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coins.

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Greg Kenney performing his one-man show "Jackie: Cross the Line!" (NBHOF Library)

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) – After celebrating Jackie Robinson’s singular legacy at the movies with the new Legendary Pictures release 42, go behind the scenes to learn about Robinson’s lasting impact on American culture at his spiritual home in Cooperstown – and bring along a friend for free. 

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