Be Part of the Black Baseball Initiative

Help support one of the largest initiatives in the institution’s history. 

The Black Baseball Initiative is inspiring people through the stories of those who overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges to play the game they loved. The project includes a new exhibit in the Yawkey Gallery, The Souls of the Game: Voices of Black Baseball will open in the spring of 2024, and programs that are expanding our reach to communities across the country.  

The Initiative is made possible by the Yawkey Foundation with additional support from Bill Janetschek in honor of his siblings Robert and Ann, the Anthony A. Yoseloff Foundation and the Bisignano Family. 

You Can Help Expand Our Reach

The Black Baseball Initiative is more than a new exhibit in Cooperstown. We are developing new online content as well as outreach programs that are having a positive impact on communities. 

We have hosted more than 1,000 students and teachers from low-income communities across Upstate New York. These experiences provided students and teachers with complimentary round-trip tour bus transportation, nutritious boxed lunches, a guided museum experience with our museum teachers and a goodie bag with resources to continue their learning journey at home.

We have created and shipped dozens of "School Trunk" kits comprised of educational materials, activities, supplies, and replica artifacts to elementary schools.We are building an educational website to deliver the story of Black baseball and its role in Civil Rights movement to students across the Country.   

But there is more to be done. Will you help support these programs with a gift today?