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#CardCorner: 1979 Topps Richie Zisk

When documenting the story of free agency in baseball, it is impossible to tell the tale without mentioning powerful Brooklyn-born outfielder Richie Zisk.

#CardCorner: 1979 Topps Mike Norris

A promising young starter, Mike Norris' career was off to a strong start before struggles with substance abuse. After several years away, he returned to a big league mound.

#CardCorner: 1990 Topps Tom Candiotti

Nearly on his way out of baseball, Tom Candiotti harnessed a knuckleball into nine 200-inning seasons and a reputation as one of the most successful hurlers in the game.

#CardCorner: 1990 Topps José Rijo

At one point he was the youngest pitcher in the majors. He also earned World Series MVP honors. José Rijo's career saw him struggle, succeed and battle injuries during a 14-year career.