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Summer 2023

Our third issue of Memories and Dreams of 2023 takes a look at the All-Star Game. From a look at the start of both the AL/NL All-Star Game and the Negro Leagues East-West All-Star Game in 1933 to the sensation that has become the Home Run Derby, the summer issue of M&D is packed full of stars. Our latest edition also features profiles of All-Star Game heroes Carl Hubbell, Reggie Jackson and Stan Musial along with the story of Fred McGriff’s unforgettable home run in the 1994 ASG. And don’t miss our story on Octavius Catto, whose passion for baseball inspired integration efforts in Philadelphia in the 19th century.

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Opening Day 2023

Our second issue of Memories and Dreams for 2023 examines the evolution of the game. As MLB prepares for a historic season with new rules, we take a look back at how some other rules changes affected our timeless National Pastime. From grandfather clauses that slowly introduced new regulations to unwritten rules that have evolved over the decades, baseball has always been subject to change. Our Opening Day issue also features a story about how fielder’s gloves have changed over the years, Scott Rolen’s Orientation Visit to the Museum in February and Bud Selig’s look back at the changes in the game he has seen.

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Winter 2022

The winter 2022 issue of Memories and Dreams takes a look at the ultimate game-changer in baseball: Speed. From legendary baserunners like Cool Papa Bell, Billy Hamilton and Rickey Henderson to fireballers Bob Feller and Nolan Ryan, the fastest have often been the most successful on the diamond. This issue also features a profile of AAGPBL speedster Sophie Kurys, a look at the top pinch-runners in history and a first-person account of the art of the steal by Tim Raines.

Fall 2022

The fall 2022 issue of Memories and Dreams examines the history of rivalries throughout the game. Whether it was the Giants vs. the Cubs clashes of the early 20th century or the Classic Dodgers vs. Giants battles, rivalries have fueled the game for two centuries. This issue also features stories on the friendly rivalry between Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige, same-city World Series matchups and a look back at the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry of the 1970s through the eyes of Hall of Famer Goose Gossage.

Summer 2022

The summer issue of Memories and Dreams of 2022 takes a look at the rich history of Minor League Baseball. From Hank Aaron’s ground-breaking 1953 season in the South Atlantic League to the pioneering efforts of women, the minor leagues have served as a cradle of heroes for more than a century. The summer issue also features a look back the 75th anniversary of Larry Doby’s American League debut, a first-person account of a rookie MiLB manager by Cooperstown’s Phil Pohl and a preview of the 2022 Induction Ceremony.

Opening Day 2022

The Opening Day issue of Memories and Dreams of 2022 is dedicated to baseball music beyond Take Me Out to the Ball Game. For more than a century, musicians have drawn inspiration from the National Pastime, resulting in classic tunes commemorating the exploits of Joe DiMaggio and Jackie Robinson as well as anthems like John Fogerty’s Centerfield.This issue explores the history of those songs and more, including Dave Frishberg’s classic ode to Van Lingle Mungo and the genesis of the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner at the ballpark. Don’t miss the feature on Cubs superfan and Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder as well as a photospread featuring the incredible rock and roll photography of Hall of Famer Randy Johnson.

Winter 2021

In the winter 2021 issue of Memories and Dreams, we take a look at the pitcher’s friend and longtime batter’s foe: Strikeouts. From the evolution of the batter/pitcher matchup that once resulted in 513 strikeouts for one pitcher in one season to today’s analytics that have made the K much more acceptable for hitters, our winter 2021 issue of M&D explores the math and the mythology behind three strikes. The issue also takes a deep dive into Bob Feller’s historic 1948 season, Nolan Ryan’s incredible numbers and Tom Cheney’s 21-strikeout game and profiles Hall of Fame fireballers Lefty Grove and Dazzy Vance. And don’t miss Bert Blyleven’s first-person account of his path to 3,701 strikeouts.

Fall 2021

Our fall issue of Memories and Dreams for 2021 shines a spotlight on the toys that have helped connect the big leagues to fans for more than a century. From bobbleheads to board games to the legendary Wiffle ball, toys have capitalized on the popularity of baseball from the game’s earliest days. M&D 5 also features a look at the upcoming 2022 Hall of Fame elections as well as a fascinating story about a historic Bo Jackson jersey – from the gridiron – in the Museum’s collection.

Summer 2021

Our summer 2021 issue of Memories and Dreams shines a spotlight on managers. From a look at the first two Hall of Fame managers, Connie Mack and John McGraw, to the pioneering work of Frank Robinson and the latest generation of pennant-winning skippers, M&D 3 takes a deep dive into the stories of the dugout leaders who changed the game. This issue also celebrates the history of the magazine as we salute the 200th edition of our flagship publication.

Opening Day 2021

Our Opening Day 2021 issue of Memories and Dreams features a look at the 10 positions on the diamond. From the 19th century rules modifications that forever altered the batter vs. pitcher matchup to ground-breaking strategy changes following the implementation of the designated hitter in 1973, the positions on the field have evolved with the game itself. M&D 2 also profiles Cal Ripken Jr. and Oscar Charleston and features a first-person look at roster building from Hall of Fame general manager Pat Gillick.

Winter 2020

The winter 2020 issue of Memories and Dreams features a look at baseball’s signature moment: The home run. From the 1998 chase that electrified the sports world to the exploits of Hall of Famer Home Run Baker more than a century ago, the long ball has long been a fan favorite. The issue also includes a remarkable look at Hank Aaron’s pursuit of the all-time record as well as the two home runs that ended World Series.

Fall 2020

The fall 2020 issue of Memories and Dreams features a look at baseball during World War II on the 75th anniversary of the end of the war. Stories include a look at the historic 1945 GI World Series, big leaguers who returned to the diamond in 1945 and the courageous career of one-armed outfielder Pete Gray of the St. Louis Browns.

Induction Celebration 2020

The fourth issue of Memories and Dreams of 2020 examines the history of the Induction Ceremony. From the first event in 1939 through the record-setting year of 2007 and into the 21st century, the annual Induction Ceremony in Cooperstown has become the highlight of the baseball season.

Summer 2020

The summer 2020 issue of Memories and Dreams pays tribute to the game's iconic numbers. From 2,632 consecutive games played to 715 home runs, baseball has always connected to its fans via the game's statistics. This issue also honors the 2020 Buck O'Neil Award winner, David Montgomery.

Opening Day 2020

In our 2020 Opening Day issue of Memories and Dreams, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Negro National League. From the crossover stardom of Satchel Paige to the players who became legends prior to the birth of the NNL, this issue honors the heroes of Black baseball prior to the integration of the game after World War II.

Winter 2019

Our winter 2019 issue of Memories and Dreams was dedicated to rookies and their impact on the game throughout the decades. From Jackie Robinson's historic rookie campaign of 1947 to a look at rookie cards that thrill collectors, this issue explores the game's youngest players and their legendary seasons.

Fall 2019

Our fall 2019 issue of Memories and Dreams featured a look at coaches throughout the game's history. From legendary hitting instructors and pitching mentors to the legacies of Larry Doby and Cal Ripken Sr., coaches have helped the game's brightest stars reach their full potential.

Summer 2019

The summer 2019 issue of Memories and Dreams focused on road trips throughout the game's history. From the 1869 road trip by the Cincinnati Red Stockings that made the game famous to barnstorming tours by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig as well as Bob Feller and Satchel Paige, taking the game on the road has always proved to be a hit.

Opening Day 2019

The 2019 Opening Day issue of Memories and Dreams looks back at the incredible 1969 baseball season. From the Amazin' Mets to the advent of divisional play and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of professional baseball, 1969 was a watershed year for the National Pastime.

Winter 2018

Explore the Museum's Shoebox Treasures exhibit, which celebrates the beloved practice of baseball card collecting. From the history of card production to the stories behind the iconic photos, Shoebox Treasures explores the fascinating story of the children's hobby that changed the game.

Fall 2018

The fall 2018 issue of Memories and Dreams featured a look at the history of baseball uniforms. From jerseys, caps and spikes to the radical redesigns of the 1970s, the Hall of Fame's collection tells the story of the evolution of the togs that became synonymous with the game.

Summer 2018

The National Pastime has long benefited from expansive coverage in magazines and periodicals. Take a look back at the influential writers and publications that popularized the game, including the historic work of African-American newspapers and the drawings of some of the best-known cartoonists.

Opening Day 2018

The Opening Day 2018 issue of Memories and Dreams celebrates the connection between motion pictures and baseball, which came of age together in the earliest years of the 20th century. This issue also features a look at the Museum's redesigned Grandstand Theater and the Hall of Fame's new welcome movie, Generations of the Game.

Winter 2017

In the winter 2017 issue of Memories and Dreams, the equipment of the game was featured – ranging from the evolution of protective equipment to pioneering inventors like A.G. Spalding and Harry Latina.

Fall 2017

The history of the World Series was featured in the fall 2017 issue of Memories and Dreams, with stories about the Yankees five straight championships from 1949-53, Kirby Puckett's starring role in Game 6 of the 1991 Fall Classic and the evolution of World Series rings.

Summer 2017

In the third issue of Memories and Dreams in 2017, we take a look at the history and impact made by women on the National Pastime for more the 150 years. From profiles of the first woman Hall of Famer, Effa Manley, and pioneering pitcher Eri Yoshida to a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the beloved film A League of Their Own, baseball’s fabric has long been strengthened with the contributions and dedication of women.

Opening Day 2017

In our second issue of Memories and Dreams of 2017, we examine baseball’s role in World War I on the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into the Great War. From the use of the game as a team-building exercise for new recruits to the military exploits of future Hall of Famers like Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Johnny Evers and Grover Cleveland Alexander, baseball was forever changed during those years while at the same time serving as a bond for soldiers across the globe.

Winter 2016

In our winter 2016 issue of Memories and Dreams, we explore stories connected to the Baseball Hall of Fame Digital Archive Project. Featuring stories inspired by the award-winning historic photography of Charles Conlon and Osvaldo Salas, this issue brings to light history previously only available in Cooperstown. Our winter issue also features a profile of Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda and Ichiro Suzuki’s first-person account of his Cooperstown visits.

Fall 2016

The fall 2016 issue of Memories and Dreams features a look at awards throughout the game's history. From unique awards in the Museum's collection like the Hickok Belt to a look at Don Newcombe's record-setting 1956 campaign that featured the first Cy Young Award and the NL MVP Award, this issue features stories that tell the tale of the game's most treasured seasons as well as a profile of Hall of Famer Steve Carlton.

Summer 2016

In our third edition of Memories and Dreams for 2016, we look at baseball’s longstanding ties to the Great Outdoors. From a feature on Hall of Fame fishing buddies Ted Williams and Bobby Doerr to the story of the mud that has been used for rubbing up baseballs since the 1930s, M&D 3 takes readers on a journey through the elements. Check out additional features on Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa as well as a look back at the first Hall of Fame Game.

Opening Day 2016

In our Opening Day 2016 issue of Memories and Dreams, we take a look at the Museum’s groundbreaking exhibit Whole New Ballgame. The exhibit highlights the intersection of pop culture and baseball and examines the game’s biggest trends of the last 50 years. Go behind the scenes of Whole New Ballgame on the pages of M&D as we tell the story of the genesis of this exhibit.