Author Series: The Right Thing to Do: The Joe Mauer Story

This children’s book for younger readers (ages 5 to 8) reveals an important lesson about making good choices. Alongside new Hall of Famer Joe Mauer, young readers will discover the kindness that powers any path to stardom.

When Joe accidentally hits a baseball through his neighbor's window, he learns a valuable lesson: While sports are important, choosing kindness is always the right thing to do.

In this book for kids, readers can follow a young Joe Mauer as he grows from a child athlete to a high school standout before eventually becoming a star catcher in the major leagues.

**Please note that this program will feature author Joe Schmit, who will discuss the book and then sign copies afterward. Joe Mauer will not be in attendance**


DATE: Friday, July 19 2024

TIME: 1:00pm - 2:00pm