Friday Focus: Baseball Cards

11:00 am: The Plaques of the Gallery
Learn about the history of the Hall of Fame Gallery and the process by which each plaque is made and installed in this 20 minute guided tour. The tour starts by the Buck O'Neil Statue on the first floor.

12:00 pm-1:00 pm: Hispanic Heritage Pop-Up
In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, our interactive Hispanic Heritage Pop-Up experience will explore images and hands-on items from the Hall of Fame’s education and museum collections that tell the story of Latino baseball players.

1:00 pm: History of Baseball Cards
From the tobacco cards of the 19th century to the candy and gum cards of the 20th century, we’ll examine the history of a hobby that is almost as popular as the game itself. Come on by and learn about how Topps altered the course of baseball card history, and how cards have changed over the decades. Each child who attends the program will receive a free pack of baseball cards.