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The Hall of Fame’s Public Relations Department is pleased to assist you with inquiries. Please contact the Public Relations Department at 607-547-0215 weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET or email us.

Public Relations Department Contacts

Jon Shestakofsky, Vice President of Communications and Education
Craig Muder, Director of Communications

Hall of Fame Weekend

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Credential applications are available starting May 1 at Only the individuals whose names were submitted will be given credentials, and credentials are non-transferable. Please bring your credential request and a photo I.D. to collect your credentials.

Credentials will grant access to all media opportunities, events listed, and the Museum throughout the weekend. Credentials must be worn at all times and visible. Credentials for photographers designate special photo location for the Awards Presentation and Induction Ceremony. Credentialed media members are not allowed to seek autographs. Any violation will result in immediate revocation.

Hall of Fame Media Center

Media activities will be centralized at the Clark Sports Center, which serves as Hall of Fame Weekend Media Center. Credential distribution and workroom space will be at the Media Center.

The Media Center Work Room features wireless connectivity. Bottled water will be provided throughout the weekend in the Media Center, along with restroom facilities. Food will not be provided, so please plan accordingly. The Work Room will be staffed by Hall of Fame representatives throughout the weekend.


All media members are asked to park at the 4-H Lot lot at 1527 County Highway 33 in Cooperstown throughout the weekend. This parking lot is not lit at night. This is the only controlled parking provided by the Hall of Fame. There will be no parking at Clark Sports Center. Shuttle service will be provided from the Media Center to all sites, including the Ceremony. Media picking up their credentials will be able to ride the shuttle from the 4-H lot to the Clark Sports Center. There is no parking available at the Museum or the Induction site.

Shuttle Service

Media shuttle service is available throughout the weekend for credentialed media members. Two media shuttles will run continuously between pick-up and drop-off points at the 4-H lot, the Museum and the Clark Sports Center. On Saturday, the shuttles will also pick-up and drop-off at the entrance to Leatherstocking Golf Course.


Wireless access will be provided by the Hall of Fame at the Media Center Work Room and the Induction site, as well as in Cooper Park for radio and television remotes. All individual phone line or connectivity needs MUST be ordered through Verizon by contacting the Special Events Group of Verizon at 1-800-VERIZON. Media organizations are responsible for ordering and payment of all dedicated phone lines.

Ceremony Seating

Credentialed media receive a ticket for a reserved seat at the Induction Ceremony in their assigned section. Please sit in your seat in the section noted on your ticket during the ceremony, unless credentialed for the photo pit or the TV platform or corral. A limited number of seats are available at the radio table for those providing live updates or needing onsite phone lines.

Ceremony Photographers

Daily and wire service photographers have assigned spots in the photo pit in front of the stage. Those with photo pit access are asked to be courteous of other organizations and respect the ground rules. TV cameras are not allowed to roam during the Ceremony. Videography, except with hand-held devices without tripods or monopods, is not allowed from the photo pit. Platforms are set-up on the east and west side of the reserved seating area.

Drone Flights Prohibited

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum prohibits the use of drone flights. If your organization is looking for aerial photos of Cooperstown and the surrounding areas, please contact the Museum’s PR Department at 607-547-0215.

Hall of Fame Classic

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Credentials should be picked up at the Hall of Fame offices at 25 Main Street in Cooperstown.

Field Access

Only those with designated credentials will have access to the playing surface at Doubleday Field. Still photographers and television cameras have access for the field.

Press Box

Seating in the press area is limited to media and has reserved seating.

Media Workroom

The work area for credentialed media will be the Press Box at Doubleday Field. The press area will be open until 5 p.m. with wireless connectivity available. This will be the only work area provided by the Hall of Fame.


Media wishing to cover the BASE Race should request a separate credential through the Hall of Fame’s public relations department by calling 607-547-0227.


All credentialed media should park at the Clark Sports Center on Susquehanna Avenue. This is the only controlled parking provided. Please follow signage for media parking at the Clark Sports Center. Shuttle service will be provided to downtown Cooperstown, conveniently in between the Hall of Fame and Doubleday Field (see attached map). There will be no parking available at Doubleday Field.

Shuttle Service

Media shuttle service is available throughout the day for credentialed media members. The shuttle will stop outside credential pickup at the Clark Sports Center and will drop-off/pick-up at the corner of Pioneer and Church Street, in front of Templeton Hall (green building).

Museum Admission

Credentialed media members will be admitted free to the Museum on Game Day. The Museum is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Museum Information

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