Becoming a monthly donor is easy, convenient and secure. Your monthly gift of ANY amount – $10, $25, $50 or more – helps sustain the work we are doing every day at the Museum to preserve the game’s history.


 Please consider making a monthly gift today through our Hall of Fame Heroes Campaign and help ensure that we continue to preserve the greatest moments in baseball history together.

Becoming a monthly donor is easy, convenient and secure. Your monthly gift of ANY amount – $10, $25, $50 or more – helps sustain the work we are doing every day at the Museum to preserve the game’s history.

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Our goal for this urgent need is to have 340 monthly donors, a number that honors those elected to the Hall of Fame. We are counting on you to help us get there.

Our Hall of Fame Heroes are a passionate and dedicated group of monthly donors. Their focus is simple: to faithfully help the Museum continue its mission. It is people like you, from around the world, that make the preservation of baseball history possible – we simply can’t do it without you.

Help preserve baseball history and honor the all-time greats by becoming a Hall of Fame Hero today!


As a monthly donor through the Hall of Fame Heroes Campaign, you will help us to preserve history, honor excellence and connect generations.

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Benefits of a monthly gift include:

• A convenient, budget friendly and hassle-free way to give to the Museum; your monthly gift will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card on the same day each month.

• The ability change your gift amount and processing date any time.

• The knowledge that your gift provides support our mission throughout the year.

• Your name listed on our website as a Hall of Fame Hero.

• Your name listed within our special Donor Edition issue of Memories and Dreams Magazine.


Receive a special "Heroes" cap with a new monthly gift of $25 or more. 

The Museum is a National Treasure and I love how it connects generations – it’s been a huge part of my life since childhood. My monthly gift is a way to show my love of the game and its history on a regular basis.

Robert S. Crotty


We extend our thanks to these Hall of Fame Heroes, who support the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum with a monthly gift.

Alan Rubin
Andrew Abbott
Andy McClain
Anthony DeMarco
Anthony Thissen
Barry J. Frankel
Barry K. Rake
Bergen Crush
Bill Leatherbee
Bruce Wadman
Carole Ronhaar Schork
Carolyn and Bruce Watt
Cary Fujioka
Chad Maiuri
Chris Gutierrez
Chris Towne
Christ Olstad
Christine Schaeffer
D. Robert Dufour
Daniel C. Glazer
Daniel Paquette
Darlene Parrett-Harris
David Albert
David Ford
David G. Musser
David Hummel
David Korenchuk
Dean A. Pflaum
Deborah and John Fogarty
Deborah Sheffield
Debra J. Williams
Dennis Dellarocca
Dennis M. Wright
Dennis Nyhus
Donald Ruehl
Donald W. Jones
Douglas R. Teener
Dr. Jon S. Patterson
Dr. William Ritchie
Earl Wood
Edward Ewing
Edward Goldstein
Elizabeth Delano
Elliott Trumbull
Eric S. Yonenson
Eric Wilkins
Fred Schindler
Gail and Joe Bosch
Gary Bacon
Geoff Price
George L. Cholak, M.D.
Glenn R. Miller
Gordon Edes
Ian Laczynski
Ira Siegel
Jack Manning
Jacob Fishbein
James Mackey
James Trimble
Jameson Roberts
Jeff Branyon
Jeff Jensen
Jeffrey M. Many
Jim Mandeville
Jody Madron
John D. Sours
John Fleming
John Rall
Jonathan Epstein
Jonathan Schotte
Joseph Hadden
Judith Holbrook
Kathy and Dr. Fred E. White
Kathy and Michael H. Gallichio, M.D.
Kazuhiko Igarashi
Keith Miller
Ken Haffey
Kenneth Allan May
Kerry J. DeMarco
Kevin Weldon
Lesley Elliott
Lynwood Schlabach
Mark J. Badalucco
Mark J. Geller
Mark Poole
Mark Witten
Matthew H. Schaedler
Matthew Pruitt
Michael Baron
Michael Dubrow
Michael Litt
Michael Panzarino
Michael Trowbridge
Michael Utzig
Mike W. Jackson
Mimi Brown
Mitchell Reed
Nancy B. Johnson
Nancy Bistritz-Balkan
Neil Meany
Pat Backen
Patty Mayhew
Paul Cyr
Paul D. Phillips
Paul Kostek
Paula Del Santo
Peter P. Hand
Phil Miller
Pietrina Scaraglino
Rachel Chilkotowsky
Ralph Olliges, Jr.
Randal Freeby
Randolphe Legge
Rev Debra A. Groeger
Rich Miller
Richard Feiden
Richard Kyle
Richard Swift
Richard T. Allorto, Sr.
Robert A. Duncan
Robert Bryg
Robert E. Beck
Robert Fiscus
Robert S. Crotty
Roger Silva
Ronald Fried
Russell Hamby
Scott Pitoniak
Stephanie J. Hart
Stephen Joseph
Steve L. Davidson
Steve M. Solmonson
Steven A. Elsberry
Steven Perell
Susan M. Aiken
Terrill M. Jannsen
Terry E. Sullivan
Thaddeus Przydrozny
Thomas Faragher
Thomas J. Ricci, Jr.
Thomas Stone
Tim Powers
Tom Bialy
Tom Davis
Tyson Morio
Victor L.Allinger, Sr.
Virgil Trout
Wayne Hebden
William Colby
William J. Rutledge


We are here to help. Please contact our development office to update your existing gift or the create a new monthly gift.

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Thank you for your support and for helping us preserve baseball history!