Stories of Black baseball

Stories that highlight the lives and experiences of Black ballplayers through key moments in history, artifacts and baseball cards.

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Doby blazed trails on, off field

On June 30, 1978, Larry Doby became the second African-American to manage a big league team.

Charlie Grant’s brush with the big leagues

In 1901, Baltimore manager John McGraw attempted to field Charlie Grant, an African American, by labeling him Native American.

Twenty-five years ago, big league pioneer Larry Doby received his Hall of Fame plaque

Larry Doby may not have been the first to reintegrate the major leagues, but his courage and accomplishments still left a lasting impact on baseball and society.

#Shortstops: Letters from Jackie

Dodgers scout Clyde Leroy Sukeforth played a critical role in Jackie Robinson's signing with the organization.

With deliberate speed, the 1950s saw the reintegration of the white major leagues

Jackie Robinson integrated the Dodgers in 1947, but it was more than another decade before some clubs finally embraced Black players.

Banks transitioned seamlessly from Negro League to Cubs

Homering in his third career game, Ernie Banks flashed his potential before an offseason position battle.

Page Fence Giants succeeded on and off the field

For four years the Page Fence Giants were a successful and entertaining highlight of Black baseball.

Bud Fowler’s life blazed a trail from Cooperstown

Bud Fowler blazed a trail for Black professional baseball players with a number of teams, including the Page Fence Giants.

Charley Pride was a star on the field and at the mic

Charley Pride's love of baseball and music brought him to Cooperstown.

Pre-Negro Leagues stars laid the foundation for integration

Before the birth of the Negro Leagues, pioneering Black players proved they belonged in pro baseball.

#Shortstops: History’s mysteries preserved in Big Bill Smith scrapbook

The scrapbook of William T. "Big Bill" Smith helps to tell the story of pre-Negro Leagues baseball in the early 20th century.

New PWCC cards in Shoebox Treasures highlight integration of baseball

PWCC Vault adds new cards to Museum's Shoebox Treasures exhibit.

Rube Foster’s writing predicted future of Black baseball

Rube Foster's vision made the Negro National League a reality in 1920.

National tragedy brought baseball to a halt for two days in 1968

Out of respect for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., players on the Pittsburgh Pirates refused to play on the day of his funeral, and ultimately MLB delayed the season two days.

Smith’s vision helped clear Jackie’s path to majors

Sportswriter and Spink Award winner Wendell Smith worked tirelessly to push for baseball's integration.

#Shortstops: Rachel’s legacy

Buck O'Neil Award winner Rachel Robinson advocated for Jackie Robinson's plaque to be changed to recognize his pioneering efforts to integrate Major League Baseball.

Brown’s lone big league homer made history

Willard Brown made history on Aug. 13, 1947 when he became the first Black ballplayer to homer in the major leagues.