Spalding’s World Tourists in Australia, December of 1888. Front row from left to right: Clarence Duval (mascot), George Wright (with cricket bat), Ned Hanlon (Detroit), and Billy Earle (Kansas City). Middle row: Ned Williamson (Chicago), Fred Pfeffer (Chicago), Cap Anson (Chicago), Albert G. Spalding, John M. Ward (New York), Jim Fogarty (Philadelphia), and Harry Simpson, assistant to Spalding. Back row: Tom Burns (Chicago), Tom Daly (Chicago), Bob Pettit (Chicago), Marty Sullivan (Chicago), Mark Baldwin (Chicago), John Tener (Chicago), John Healy (Indianapolis), Fred Carroll (Pittsburgh), George Wood (Philadelphia), Tom Brown (Boston) and Jimmy Manning (Washington). The standard team photo reveals more than the participants, however, like the unique eight-sided bat in front of Earle. PASTIME (National Baseball Hall of Fame)