2022 Member Exclusive Apparel

You could fill a stack of floppy discs with your favorite 1990s baseball memories. The home run chase, Joe Carter’s walk-off, “Iron Man” breaks the streak, baseball comes to Colorado and Florida…

But the most memorable moments were your own. Remember that time you told your mother that you and your friends were going to the mall to see Angels In The Outfield, but you snuck in to see Major League II instead?

You had a few bucks left over from your weekly allowance, so you opted for the extra butter for your popcorn and saved the rest of your change for the arcade and for a couple packs of baseball cards. You were wearing blue jeans and your favorite Champion sweatshirt, just like the pros would wear when they would hang with their friends and teammates. But yours now has a small pizza stain on it, and you hope that no one notices, especially the kids from school. As you nonchalantly rest your foot on the food court chair to pump up your high tops, you hope that they do notice your Mike Piazza haircut.

You have grown up and have cleaned up your act a little bit since those days. You try to keep the pizza sauce off of your clothes. You nearly always choose the lightly buttered popcorn. You regularly get your hair cut. But you still enjoy the comfort that your favorite Champion sweatshirt provides to you. You’ve upgraded from a crew neck to a cadet collar with a zipper and really appreciate the familiarity of the soft reverse weave fabric. The Hall of Fame’s vintage logo reminds you of the bygone days of your youth, reading your issues of Memories and Dreams magazine, and how baseball could just make everything so much better.

Member Exclusive Apparel

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This exclusive Champion® reverse-weave pullover is crafted exclusively for Baseball Hall of Fame members.
Perfect for celebrating baseball's greatest moments from Opening Day through the Fall Classic, it's only available to Museum Members at the Patron level or higher.

Available Size Options:

Adult sizes from S to 2XL
* Due to supply issues, we are not able to offer sizes larger than 2XL. Please contact us if you require a larger size. *

Pullover Features:

• vintage-style Hall of Fame embroidery
• 80% cotton / 20% polyester heavyweight fleece
• fabric cut on the cross-grain to resist vertical shrinkage
• signature rib side panels for mobility
• stretch rib cuffs and waistband
• stand collar with exposed metal zipper

How To Get Your Pullover

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As a Member, you are a part of the team of passionate fans that help to preserve baseball history. Fans who love baseball and share a collective passion for the Game help assure that the Baseball Hall of Fame remains the place where we celebrate the history of baseball.

Get your hands on your own Member-Exclusive Baseball Hall of Fame pullover.

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