2021 Member Exclusive Apparel

What a dream-like perspective it is, watching from the baseline as your child takes the field for the first time!

You remember your own opening day like it was just yesterday; your first glove, your first bat, and your very first game. Your own number, although you didn’t get to pick it for yourself, will remain on your back for the entirety of your youth. Your new identity; just a few numerals that will be synonymous with your own achievements in sports for another decade or so.

You’re very nervous, but you seek reassurance from a superhero standing in the dugout. You feel more fortunate than the other kids, since this marvel has chauffeured you to practices and has been working on your swing since you were able to stand on your own feet. He traded in his uniform years ago for a satin jacket with his alter ego, “Coach”, embroidered in script on his left chest.

This is new to him as well, having been in your shoes in bygone times. You’ve seen his awards and accolades in attic boxes. His athletic prowess has now gone from record breaking moments to becoming words of encouragement and wisdom.

Seeing your distress, he puts his hand on your shoulder. You wrap your arms around his waist pressing your cheek against the jacket pocket, just for a brief second, while you look around to see if anyone saw your exchange. This is nothing to be scared about; this will be fun!

Now, you’re the hero in the jacket; assigning positions, assigning partners to warm up and play catch, and catching up with the opposing coach; whom you recall as your catcher when you were a pitcher. You joke about your minivans and how you affectionately call them “ball-and-bat-mobiles” since they are often couriers of the team equipment and can save the day when a player forgets their glove.

Suddenly, you hear the umpire call out "LET HIM SLEEP" in a stage whisper from down the hall. You gaze at your sleeping cherub for another second or two, then you retire to your clubhouse to dream about becoming the next Griffey or Ripken family, and the feeling of the cool spring mornings in your jacket along the baseline.

Member Exclusive Apparel

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This exclusive jacket is crafted for Baseball Hall of Fame members in collaboration with Baseballism®.
Perfect for celebrating baseball's greatest moments from Opening Day through the Fall Classic, it's only available to Museum Members at the Patron level or higher.

Available Size Options:

Adult sizes from S to 3XL

Jacket Features:

• medium weight nylon shell
• 100% nylon lining
• high quality YKK full-length zipper
• knit rib cuffs and collar
• vintage-style Hall of Fame patch
• "Flag Man" Baseballism® embroidered logo
• Hall of Fame applique style back embroidery
• custom interior Member patch
• interior pocket

Member Apparel Features

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How To Get Your Jacket

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As a Member, you are a part of the team of passionate fans that help to preserve baseball history. Fans who love baseball and share a collective passion for the Game help assure that the Baseball Hall of Fame remains the place where we celebrate the history of baseball.

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