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Inside your grandfather’s attic, you found an unlocked cedar chest, full of memories gone by: some faded photos of unfamiliar faces, several letters from your grandmother, and newspaper clippings of baseball box scores. These were his most prized possessions; worthy of rafter-height storage and eagerly awaiting your discovery, just like buried pirate’s treasure.

You dig deeper inside. You find a musty old mitt. Below that, his tobacco pouch and pipe. You find a few baseballs, including one with part of the cover hanging loose from busted stitching. Then you discover, wrapped in butcher paper like fine china, a woolen cardigan bearing your family name on the tag. This is the sweater that kept your grandfather warm between innings.

How cold must those April mornings have been; perched on the bench in the dugout awaiting your turn at bat! Where are we playing today? Is this Ebbets? Crosley? The Polo Grounds? They all feel the same to you as you try to focus on the game. With your hands in both pockets, while your fellow comrades take their turn at the plate, you study the pitcher, perfecting your timing. Because you’re up soon.

Strike three. There will be no at-bat this inning. It’s time to take the field. And it’s time for you to head back downstairs. You’re not supposed to be playing in the attic.

Honus Wanger

Member Exclusive Apparel

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In the chillier months of the early 1900s baseball seasons, a cardigan sweater was the outerwear of choice for many ballplayers trying to stay warm in the dugout.

This exclusive cardigan sweater, crafted for Baseball Hall of Fame members in collaboration with Routine Baseball®, features elements inspired by the sweaters in the Hall of Fame’s permanent collection.

Perfect for celebrating baseball's greatest moments from Opening Day through the Fall Classic, or as a stylish compliment to your everyday casuals, it's only available to Museum Members at the Patron level or higher.

Available Size Options:

Adult sizes from S to 3XL

Sweater Features:

• 450 gram weight 100% acrylic knit in quarry gray
• shawl collar, placket, hem, and cuffs knit in patriot blue
• 5-inch diameter Hall of Fame felt patch chain-stitched in the Baseball Centennial Celebration colors of 1939
• two roomy, 6” x 5” integrated side pockets
• six tortoise-shell style buttons
• mock jock tag stitching on hem

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As a Member, you are a part of the team of passionate fans that help to preserve baseball history. Fans who love baseball and share a collective passion for the Game help assure that the Baseball Hall of Fame remains the place where we celebrate the history of baseball.

Get your hands on your own history-inspired Baseball Hall of Fame Member-Exclusive cardigan sweater.

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