“Tom Yawkey made his first visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in 1939, and he was so enraptured by its mission that he immediately became a major and consistent supporter and advocate in the decades that followed. The Yawkey Foundation is honored to perpetuate Tom and Jean Yawkey’s dedication to the Hall, and if they were still with us today, we know that they would have invested in the Black Baseball Initiative and the accompanying exhibit, The Souls of the Game: Voices of Black Baseball. This initiative is absolutely critical to fostering learning, understanding, and courageous conversations which stem from both the painful chapters of our nation’s history, and from the often hard-won victories by some of the greatest players and personalities in and around baseball. It is our hope that this Initiative and exhibit shine a light on the many important, complex, and nuanced stories that need to be told, especially by individuals with lived experiences.  Building upon nine decades of partnership, it is the Yawkey Foundation’s profound honor that this new permanent exhibit is on view in the Yawkey Gallery.

- John L. Harrington, Chairman, Yawkey Foundation

  Board Member (1992-2002), National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum


“I have always felt that In baseball there should be no 'color' - you are either good at the game, or you’re not. Anyone can play. That’s why it is critical to share the stories of those who overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges to play the game they loved.”

- Robert Janetschek


The Souls of the Game exhibit and the overall Black Baseball Initiative tell a more inclusive story from the earliest days of the game through modern times. This will help connect generations and encourage people to look at baseball and its impact on our culture through a new lens.”

- Bill Janetschek

The Anthony A. Yoseloff Foundation

“I have always believed that baseball is much more than a game; it is core to the identity of our nation and an integral part of our history and culture. That's why it is critical that we honor the individuals and communities – past and present – that have played such an important role in shaping this American pastime. I couldn't be prouder to support the Hall of Fame's continued leadership in this effort.”

– Anthony (Tony) Yoseloff, Managing Partner at Davidson Kempner Capital Management.

The Bisignano Family

"For well over 100 years baseball has been an integral part of the American story. Along with our military, baseball played a leading role in changing race relations for the better, opening the major leagues to all. The Black Baseball Initiative gives voice to the rich history and impact that Blacks had in baseball; from the turn of the 20th century and the formation of the Negro Leagues, through Jackie Robinson joining the Brooklyn Dodgers, to the present day. This historical narrative needs to be memorialized and told for the benefit of future generations, as it reminds us of the role our American Pastime has had on our progress as a nation."

- Frank Bisignano