Stories from baseball's rich history are constantly being added to keep you connected to the game you love. 

#CardCorner: 1987 Topps Ron Kittle

Ron Kittle openly prioritized power over contact throughout a 10-season, 176-home run career that began with a Rookie of the Year performance.

#CardCorner: 1979 Topps Gary Alexander

Once a coveted catching prospect, Gary Alexander went on to become a seven-year big leaguer and a key piece in multiple major trades.

#CardCorner: 1972 Topps Fred Stanley

Nicknamed "Chicken" for his skinny legs, infielder Fred Stanley won two World Series rings in a 14-year career that began with the 1969 Seattle Pilots.

#CardCorner: 1970 Topps Larry Hisle

Larry Hisle turned down college basketball offers to play professional baseball, where he enjoyed a 14-year run in the big leagues.

#CardCorner: 1977 Topps John Lowenstein

An example of a true platoon player, John Lowenstein provided value throughout his career versus right-handed pitching.

#CardCorner: 1979 Topps Jason Thompson

First baseman Jason Thompson posted an .804 OPS and earned three All-Star selections in his 11-year career.

#CardCorner: 1978 Topps Rick Cerone

Catcher Rick Cerone's 18-year career included a long stint in pinstripes after Thurman Munson's tragic death.

#CardCorner: 1971 Topps Dave Giusti

Initially a starter, Dave Giusti developed into a reliable reliever and a key piece of Pittsburgh's 1971 World Series-winning pitching staff.

#CardCorner: 1975 Topps Elias Sosa

Elias Sosa played for eight teams in his 12-year career, offering steady relief work and earning a handful of postseason opportunities.

#CardCorner: 1990 Fleer Rafael Belliard

Though not much of a hitter, Rafael Belliard played a reliable shortstop for postseason clubs in Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

#CardCorner: 1981 Topps Moose Haas

Moose Haas established himself as a steady presence at the top of Milwaukee's rotation, often getting the ball for high-stakes starts.

#CardCorner: 1987 Fleer Tony Bernazard

Tony Bernazard developed under a pair of Hall of Fame managers to begin a 10-year big league career which saw him record nearly 1,000 hits.

#CardCorner: 1981 Topps Rafael Landestoy

Second baseman Rafael Landestoy played eight years in the big leagues and had his best season in 1980, when he helped the Astros reach the postseason.

#CardCorner: 1963 Topps Julián Javier

World Series heroics in 1967 highlighted Julián Javier's 13-year career in the big leagues.

#CardCorner: 1983 Topps Floyd Bannister

No. 1 overall draft pick Floyd Bannister developed into a reliable starter — and an All-Star.

#CardCorner: 1971 Topps César Tovar

César Tovar's speed, offensive production and defensive versatility earned him MVP votes for five consecutive seasons.