New Baseball Card Exhibit Opening in 2019

They are mass produced – just a simple rectangular 2 ½” x 3 ½” piece of 16-point cardstock – with an image and some stats…

Yet they hold priceless memories, the thrill of the hunt, hours upon hours of organizing, and endless joy.


These simple treasures hold a special place in the hearts of fans, young and old. Beginning with the tobacco cards of the 1880’s, to cards used in games and in bike spokes during the 1950’s and 60’s, to the boom of collecting in the 1980’s, baseball cards have provided generations of fans with a unique and personal connection to the National Pastime and their favorite players.

From the pursuit of your own personal “holy grail” to the dynamic learning experience that takes place from hours of pouring through the player images, unique card designs, personal information, cartoons, facts and stats on the back – baseball cards have reinforced our love of the Game.

For the first time in the Museum’s history we will take a comprehensive look at the history of baseball cards, collecting and the connection generations of fans have had to these Shoebox Treasures.

A card collection is a magic carpet that takes you away from work-a-day cares to havens of relaxing quietude where you can relive the pleasures and adventures of a past day — brought to life in vivid picture and prose.

Jefferson R. Burdick, pioneer card collector and cataloguer

Baseball cards connect us to the Game we love.

With your support, we will open a new permanent exhibit, Shoebox Treasures, dedicated to the history of baseball cards and the passion collectors like you have for them.

A few of the highlights we are excited about for the planned exhibit include: cards from every era: the 1800’s to today; “Holy Grail” cards like the Honus Wagner T206 card and the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle; and a make your own baseball card interactive.

We have achieved our goal of $800,000 needed to design and build this new exhibit.

We are hoping that you to consider a one-time gift to help us reach our goal, ensuring that Shoebox Treasures will open in 2019.

Every gift is important and we are grateful that you have considered helping ensure this dynamic new exhibit becomes a reality.

There are a few special gift recognition opportunities available for this exhibit campaign: donor listing on website ($10 or more); donor listing in Memories and Dreams magazine ($50 or more); baseball card autographed by a Hall of Famer ($1,000); donor name listed on Shoebox Treasures exhibit credit panel ($2,500); or sponsor a high-capacity card drawer within the exhibit ($5,000).

Thank you so much for all you do for the Hall of Fame!