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Page Fence Giants succeeded on and off the field

For four years the Page Fence Giants were a successful and entertaining highlight of Black baseball.

#Shortstops: Rice fed Red Sox’s fans dreams

A home run bat from the Red Sox legend in preserved in Cooperstown.

Hall of Fame to host Banana Ball at the Hall on Friday, Sept. 15

Meet members of the Savannah Bananas and Party Animals at a special exhibit opening on eve of Bananas game at Doubleday Field.

#CardCorner: 1984 Topps Bo Díaz

Bo Díaz overcame injury to become one of the most respected catchers of the 1980s.

Trade to Houston a boost for Bagwell

On Aug. 30, 1990, the Astros acquired a minor league infielder named Jeff Bagwell in exchange for veteran reliever Larry Andersen. For Bagwell, it was the start of a journey to Cooperstown.

#CardCorner: 1974 Topps Doyle Alexander

One of the stars of the first full free agent class following the 1976 season, Doyle Alexander won 194 games over 19 big league seasons.

Charlie Grant’s brush with the big leagues

In 1901, Baltimore manager John McGraw attempted to field Charlie Grant, an African American, by labeling him Native American.

MVP campaign leads Reds to extend Larkin

As the 1995 National League MVP, Barry Larkin had done plenty to earn a contract extension in Cincinnati.

Twenty-five years ago, big league pioneer Larry Doby received his Hall of Fame plaque

Larry Doby may not have been the first to reintegrate the major leagues, but his courage and accomplishments still left a lasting impact on baseball and society.

#CardCorner: 1983 Topps John Stuper

Trailing Milwaukee in the 1982 World Series and facing Don Sutton in Game 6, the Cardinals needed a miracle. Rookie John Stuper pitched a masterpiece to push the series to seven games.

#Shortstops: Letters from Jackie

Dodgers scout Clyde Leroy Sukeforth played a critical role in Jackie Robinson's signing with the organization.

Koufax pitches through pain for third Cy Young Award

A third Cy Young Award concluded Sandy Koufax's legendary 1966 season, but bigger news would come just weeks later.

With deliberate speed, the 1950s saw the reintegration of the white major leagues

Jackie Robinson integrated the Dodgers in 1947, but it was more than another decade before some clubs finally embraced Black players.

Kaat gets fresh start in Chicago

Following a rocky few months in Minnesota in 1973, joining the White Sox proved to revive Jim Kaat's career.

#CardCorner: 1984 Topps Scott McGregor

With a funky, left-handed delivery, Scott McGregor lacked swing-and-miss stuff but had no shortage of postseason heroics.

#Shortstops: Bat for a Judge

On Aug. 13, 2016, Aaron Judge hit a home run in his first career at-bat. It was a fitting introduction for one of the modern game's most imposing power hitters.

#Shortstops: Iron Curtain jersey

Baseball's addition to the Olympics in 1986 prompted the Soviet Union to form and train a baseball team.