Stories from baseball's rich history are constantly being added to keep you connected to the game you love. 

#CardCorner: 1953 Topps Dick Groat

The 1960 National League Most Valuable Player was one of the most celebrated shortstops of his time.

#CardCorner: 1975 Topps Randy Jones

Randy Jones was a two-time 20-game winner who earned the 1976 National League Cy Young Award by identifying weaknesses in nearly every batter he faced.

#CardCorner: 1985 Topps Oil Can Boyd

Overcoming long odds to make the big leagues, Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd helped pitch the Red Sox to the 1986 American League pennant.

#CardCorner: 1984 Donruss Mike Boddicker

Mike Boddicker became an overnight sensation in 1983 while helping Baltimore win the World Series title.

#CardCorner: 1972 Topps Gates Brown

One of the game’s greatest pinch-hitters, Gates Brown overcame a troubled youth to become a beloved Tigers hero.

#CardCorner: 1987 Topps LaMarr Hoyt

The 1983 American League Cy Young Award winner packed decades of memories into his short MLB career.

#CardCorner: 1986 Topps Jesse Barfield

A member of the Blue Jays’ celebrated outfield trio that helped Toronto to its first postseason appearance, Jesse Barfield dazzled teammates and opponents with his talent and work ethic.

#CardCorner: 1986 Topps Terry Pendleton

A member of two Cardinals National League pennant winners and the 1991 NL Most Valuable Player with the Braves, Terry Pendleton parlayed an unquenchable work ethic into an All-Star career.

#CardCorner: 1986 Donruss Pete Vuckovich

This Cy Young Award winner later doubled as one of baseball cinema's most iconic sluggers.

#CardCorner: 1978 Topps Ron Guidry

Few pitchers in history were more dominant than Ron Guidry in 1978.

#CardCorner: 1987 Topps Dámaso García

As one of the first wave of young players to come through the Blue Jays system in the early 1980s, Dámaso García became an All-Star second baseman and helped Toronto establish itself as an American League power.

#CardCorner: 1987 Donruss Benito Santiago

Benito Santiago burst on the big league scene in 1987 with one of the greatest rookie seasons of any catcher in history.

#CardCorner: 1981 Topps Victor Cruz

As an in-demand relief pitcher, Victor Cruz found himself connected to some of baseball's future stars by one degree of separation via trades.

#CardCorner: 1980 Topps Jesse Jefferson

In spite of his win-loss record, Jesse Jefferson authored some of the greatest one-game performances of his generation.

#CardCorner: 1978 Topps Dave Chalk

Dave Chalk's legacy endures not only as a nine-year major league veteran, but for a cameo-in-name-only on one of his era's most celebrated and viewed television shows.

#CardCorner: 1988 Donruss Dwayne Murphy

One of the most prolific fly-catchers in the game's history, Dwayne Murphy starred for the Oakland Athletics between their two dynasties.