Hall of Fame Celebrates Baseball’s Love of Bubble Gum by Teaming Up with Big League Chew

Iconic Brand to be Featured at Museum’s Signature Events, Including Bubble-Blowing Contest at May 27 Hall of Fame Classic

(COOPERSTOWN, NY) – The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum today announced a multiyear sponsorship and licensing deal with iconic bubble gum brand Big League Chew.

The three-year agreement features cross promotion between the two legendary brands, including Hall of Fame-branded bubble gum products and Big League Chew fan engagement through the Hall’s youth Discovery Tours and signature events.

“We are proud to partner with Big League Chew to connect our visitors with a baseball tradition enjoyed by children and adults, alike,” said Jeff Idelson, President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. “The image of your favorite major league player or your own teammate happily blowing a bubble in the dugout or intensely working his or her gum during a pressure-packed moment are part of every fan’s baseball memories.”

Available to retailers this summer, all pouches of Big League Chew shredded bubble gum will feature the Hall of Fame logo, as well as all bubble gumball buckets featuring the phrase “The Hall of Fame Bubble Gum.”

Additionally, Big League Chew will have a presence at Hall of Fame events, including a bubble-blowing contest at the annual Classic Weekend held Memorial Day Weekend. In July at Hall of Fame Induction Weekend, a special program for Museum visitors featuring Rob Nelson, the inventor of Big League Chew, and Ford Gum President George Stege will celebrate history of the legendary bubble gum brand.

“Nothing goes better with baseball than bubble gum, which is why we are thrilled to team up with our friends at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum,” said Rob Nelson, inventor of Big League Chew. “We are excited to connect with baseball fans and families who grew up chewing Big League Chew and together, we look forward to providing fans of all ages with memories that will last a lifetime.”

As the sponsor of the Hall of Fame Discovery Tours, an on-site scavenger hunt for school-aged visitors to the Museum, Big League Chew will be featured on Discovery Tour collateral and signage. Each child will receive a complimentary pouch of Big League Chew upon completion of the Tour.

Big League Chew is also featured in the Museum’s Whole New Ballgame exhibit, which tells the story of the game from the 1970s to the present day. The iconic Big League Chew pouch is displayed in the 1980s section of Whole New Ballgame on the Museum’s second floor, detailing the 1980 debut of the bubble gum by inventor Rob Nelson.

About Big League Chew

Founded by former left-handed pitcher Rob “Nellie” Nelson, Big League Chew started from humble beginnings in the Portland Mavericks bullpen in 1977. For more than 35 years, the iconic pouches packed with shredded, flavorful bubble gum have become the preferred chewing gum for all ages having sold more than 800 million pouches to date. For more information and product offerings, visit www.BigLeagueChew.com. Follow @BigLeagueChew on Facebook, Twitter and @BigLeagueChewGum on Instagram.

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