A baseball manager has a lot of tasks on his plate, from leading his players to dictating strategy on the field to being a public face for his franchise.

Major league teams have often looked to current or former players to take the helm, due to their experience.

The role of player-managers used to be fairly common in the major leagues. Owners have appointed players to pull double duty as major league managers since 1872, when catcher John Clapp skippered the National Association's Middletown Mansfields. Pete Rose is the most recent big league player-manager, having led the Reds from 1984-86.

The manager role is not limited to just ballplayers, however. Below Hall of Fame players, umpires and executives who also managed. 

Luke Appling, Paul Molitor, Ryne Sandberg and Ted Williams made their big league managerial debuts after being elected to Hall of Fame as a player