Frankie Frisch

Frank Francis Frisch
Inducted to the Hall of Fame in: 1947
Primary team: St. Louis Cardinals
Primary position: 2nd Baseman

"If I needed one player to do the job of winning the game I needed to win, that player would be Frank Frisch," Yankees manager Joe McCarthy said.

Frankie Frisch was a collegiate sports superstar, playing for Fordham University's baseball, basketball, football and track teams. His remarkable speed would earn him the nickname "Fordham Flash." Frisch would not finish his undergraduate career at Fordham, however, instead choosing to sign a contract with the New York Giants in 1919.

The Giants wasted no time with Frisch, placing him directly on the major league squad instead of seasoning him in the minors. At first glance the effort seemed to be a failure; Frisch hit only .226 in an abbreviated season, but in 1920, Frankie rewarded the Giants' investment. In his first full season, Frisch hit .280 and drove in 77 runs to go along with stolen bases. His effort in 1921 would prove even better, as Frisch batted .341 and stole 49 bases to lead the National League. He would capture two more stolen base titles in 1927 and 1931, but not with the New York Giants.

Despite winning back to back World Series with the Giants (1921, 1922) and being named captain by manager John McGraw, Frisch's time in New York would come to an unceremonious end. After a Giants loss in the latter half of the 1926 season, McGraw berated Frisch in front of his teammates. Frisch responded by leaving the team and heading home to New York City. He would eventually return to the Giants, but McGraw and Frisch's relationship was finished, as was Frankie's tenure in New York.

The Giants would trade Frisch along with pitcher Jimmy Ring to the St. Louis Cardinals for Rogers Hornsby after the 1926 season. In 1927, Frisch, always known for his stellar glove work, posted one of the best defensive efforts ever, setting the record for most assists in a single season (643). He also won an MVP award with the Cardinals in 1931 while helping them capture the World Series both that year and in 1934. In 1935 Frisch was selected as an All-Star for the third consecutive year.

Frisch retired after the 1937 season.

"His range was such that he played second base, some of center field and a slice of right field, too. "
sportswriter Damon Runyon

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Career stats

Year Inducted: 1947
Primary Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Position Played: 2nd Baseman
Bats: Both
Throws: Right
Birth place: Bronx, New York
Birth year: 1897
Died: 1973, Wilmington, Delaware
Played for:
New York Giants (1919-1926)
St. Louis Cardinals (1927-1937)
St. Louis Cardinals (1933-1938)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1940-1946)
Chicago Cubs (1949-1951)
At BatsAB
Home RunsHR
Stolen BasesSB
Batting AverageBA
On Base %OBP
Slugging %SLG