Short Stops

The science of capturing singular images from a moment in time is centuries old. But those pictures still have the power to enthrall us like no moving pictures can. The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s Short Stops feature examines images from the Museum’s collection of more than 250,000 unique photos, complete with stories about the picture – and the people and places captured by some of the world’s best photographers. Each photo frames the context of its time, preserving the moments that illustrate the National Pastime. Short Stops features also include three-dimensional artifacts and ephemera from the Museum’s collection of more than 40,000 3-D pieces and three million Library items. Card Corner highlights a baseball card from the collection and exposes the unique story behind the card and player.

Photo reproductions are available for purchase. To purchase a reprint of a photograph from the Photo Archive collections, please call (607) 547-0375 or email Hall of Fame members receive a 10-percent discount.


#Shortstops: Another view of Effa

Two Effa Manley photos tell the story of a baseball pioneer.

The Blond Viking of Bohemia

Photographer Forrest Yantis caught Joe Vosmik in a playful mood on the road at Tiger Stadium in Detroit.

Zisk’s Star Trident Comeback

1981 portrait of Richie Zisk at Tiger Stadium capturing him in his blue, star trident batting practice uniform.

Putting the Game on Ice

Crew members of the US Navy icebreaker Burton Island joined the US Coast Guard icebreaker Northwind for a game of baseball.

The Wright Stuff

In April of 2000, Academy Award-winning actress, Teresa Wright, paid a visit to Cooperstown.

Great Scott

Back in the days of Technicolor and other psychedelic sights and sounds.

Amputators vs Extractors

A match pitting local doctors against local dentists in a fundraiser for their community medical center.

A Hidden Legacy in Plain Sight

Street sign for Dreyfuss Road in Columbia, S.C.

Mrs. America and the AAGPBL

The reigning Mrs. America, Fredda Acker, signs autographs for fans at the Gran Estadio de La Habana.

A Look at a Legend

The “Cuban Comet”, “Marvelous Minnie”, “Mr. White Sox”, or “the Latino Jackie Robinson.”

Pumping Bog Iron

The Brooklyn Bridegrooms train at Allaire, a small village tucked into the trees of Central New Jersey.

Playing it Cool

James Thomas Bell, better known by his nickname “Cool Papa,” confounded opponents in the Negro Leagues with his ability to reach base.

A Hockey Hero and the AAGPBL

NHL Stanley Cup champion Johnny Gottselig spent a number of years as a baseball manager in the AAGPBL.

The Winter of Baseball Life

Bill Veeck once said, “There are only two seasons – winter and baseball.” For many fans and players alike, there is no truer statement.

Ball caps for the Black Sheep

In the fall of 1943, while war was on the minds of countless baseball fans, baseball was evidently on the minds of Marine Corps Major Pappy Boyington and his Black Sheep Squadron.

Last Day in the Dugout

Bert Campaneris sits in the A's dugout for the last time before departing for the Rangers via free agency in 1976.

Keep Baseball Going

FDR’s Green Light Letter and the Fate of Baseball During World War II

Sound on Paper

The scorecard from Game 3 of 1951 NL playoff echoes Russ Hodges’ legendary call.

Eight on the Links

On a blustery day in February, 1921, eight baseball players gathered on a golf course in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Each had taken very different journeys to get there.

Jake Daubert: A miner in the majors

In some ways, Jake Daubert never left the mines. Even as he was leading the National League in hitting, even as he captained both Brooklyn and Cincinnati to the World Series, even as he won the Chalmers Award as the most valuable player in the league, the mines left a mark on Daubert, as real as the dark mining scars he carried on his hands.


Umpires Break Through Glass Ceiling

Umpire Frank Umont broke the stigma of Men in Blue wearing glasses.

Baseball and the Funny Papers

Since the early twentieth century, baseball has appeared in both comic strips and comic books

"K" as in Cain

On June 13, 2012, Matt Cain completed the 22nd perfect game in baseball history.

The Last Straw ... Hat

The sheer number of such tales suggests there’s a certain amount of truth to Rube Waddells’s on- and off-field eccentricities.

1934 Japan Tour Footage

Footage of a 1934 journey to the Far East filmed by Jimmie Foxx.

The Holy Shirt

A self-ventilated shirt once belonging to the passionate righty, Johnny Allen.

Chip off the Block

Ebbets Field’s cracked cornerstone is a symbol of the fabled ballpark and the unforgettable 45 years of baseball it hosted.

A Glimpse of Moonlight

A book in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Library mentions "Field of Dreams" character Moonlight Graham.

Kennedy’s Library… documents

Former big leaguer Ted Kennedy helped advance the game through unique ideas.

A Mighty Blast into History

Ball hit by Babe Ruth for his 714th and final big league home run.

Put A Ring On It

A history of the Championship ring.

Insuring the Babe

Museum documents provide a look into history.

#Shortstops: A Most Lonesome Game

Museum documents ‘zero attendance’ game in Baltimore.

Baseball in Britain told through 1891 volume

A recent addition to the collection helps to tell the story of early attempts to introduce baseball to the people of Great Britain.

Uncommonly Sweet

The Maple Crispette card collection was only produced in 1923 and is unique for several reasons.

A Foothold on History

With all eyes on the Boston Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS, pitcher Curt Schilling gave a memorable postseason performance.

'On Account of War'

A baseball from the Hall of Fame collection illuminates an abrupt ending to the 1918 season on account of World War I.

#Shortstops: Heroes, Hall of Famers and Sept. 11

Mike Schmidt recalls a special visit he and other Hall of Famers paid to Station 26, in New York City's Hell's Kitchen district, shortly after 9/11.

The Voice of Babe Ruth

Hall of Fame umpire Billy Evans provides a rare glimpse of the authentic Babe Ruth.

The Talent and the Temper of Oliver Marcelle

Oliver Marcelle was an outstanding third baseman in the Negro Leagues. He was part of the legendary 1924 Leopardos de Santa Clara in the winter Cuban League, considered the greatest of all time. While immensely talented, Marcelle was had a violent temper.

Baseball Cards

#CardCorner: 1969 Topps Gene Michael

This 1969 Topps card features a capless Gene Michael.

#CardCorner: 1984 Topps Toby Harrah

Toby Harrah 1984 Topps card from the 132-card Traded set released that summer.

#CardCorner: 1973 Topps Ramon Hernandez

All business for Ramon Hernandez.

#CardCorner: 1972 Topps Jose Pagan

In 1972, "In Action" Topps cards were always appreciated.

#CardCorner: 1984 Fleer Jay Johnstone

Jay Johnstone and the "Brockabrella."

#CardCorner: 1979 Topps Bump Wills

Bump Wills’ 1979 Topps card should produce an immediate double take.

#CardCorner: 1972 Topps Billy Cowan

Billy Cowan wears the Halo.

#CardCorner: 1980 Topps Rico Carty

This 1980 Topps card was the last of Rico Carty’s career.

#CardCorner: 1987 Topps Mike Easler

1987 Topps card featuring the original Hit Man, Mike Easler.

#CardCorner: 1969 Topps Nate Colbert

We should not be surprised to see Nate Colbert smiling on his 1969 Topps card.

#CardCorner: 1973 Topps Carmen Fanzone

Fanzone combined a love of baseball and music.

#CardCorner: 1991 Topps Oscar Azocar

A fresh perspective on New York Yankees outfielder Oscar Azocar.

#CardCorner: 1969 Topps Walt Williams

Outfielder Walt Williams' physique earned him a quirky nickname that followed him throughout his career.

#CardCorner: 1980 Topps Bob Watson

One millionth run scorer Bob "The Bull" Watson was a force to be reckoned with on the field.

#CardCorner: 1971 Topps Richie Scheinblum

Scheinblum persevered time and time again to make it in the major leagues.

#CardCorner: 1980 Topps David Clyde

A plan to rush David Clyde into the major leagues forever altered the high school phenom's career.

#CardCorner: 1982 Topps Luis Tiant

Luis Tiant achieved his goal of pitching in the major leagues by creating artistry on the mound.

#CardCorner: 1963 Topps Wally Moon

Wally Moon's high-flying home runs were as memorable as his eyebrows.

#CardCorner: 1973 Topps Bob Moose

Pittsburgh Pirates' Bob Moose refused to let one wild pitch in 1972 define his career.

#CardCorner: 1983 Topps John Mayberry

John Mayberry was one of the top power hitters in the American League in the mid-1970s.

#CardCorner: 1971 Topps Jerry Grote

Old school player Jerry Grote played every game like it was the seventh game of the World Series.

#CardCorner: 1972 Topps Bob Oliver

Bob Oliver was one of the original members of the Kansas City Royals in 1969.

#CardCorner: 1991 Topps Mariano Duncan

Without fanfare or recognition, Mariano Duncan was a quiet contributor to two World Series teams.

#CardCorner: 1975 Topps Herb Washington

"Hurricane" Herb Washington's psychedelic 1975 Topps card.

#CardCorner: 1969 Topps Chico Salmon

With the ability to play seven positions, Rutherford "Chico" Salmon was "the best tenth man in all of baseball."

#CardCorner: 1971 Topps Joe Morgan

A winter meetings trading frenzy transported Joe Morgan from Houston to Cincinnati.

#CardCorner: 1981 Topps Lary Sorensen

1981 Lary Sorensen Topps Traded card.

#Card Corner: 1983 Donruss Cecilio Guante

The 1983 Donruss card captured pitcher Cecilio Guante's trademark scowl.

#CardCorner: 1991 Topps Roberto Kelly

With his smooth, picturesque swing, Roberto Kelly was a bright spot for the New York Yankees of the early 1990s.

#CardCorner: 1972 Topps Dave Cash

After studying under Bill Mazeroski, Dave Cash succeeded the Hall of Famer as the Pirates starting second baseman in 1971.

#CardCorner: 1967 Topps Lee Maye

The multi-talented Lee Maye balanced careers as a professional singer and baseball player throughout his life.

#CardCorner: 1976 Topps Oscar Gamble

Oscar Gamble showcased his colorful personality on and off the field.

#CardCorner: 1983 Topps Reggie Smith

Reggie Smith's 1983 Topps card also featured a future Hall of Famer.

#CardCorner: 1998 Topps Brian Jordan

Brian Jordan, a safety for the Atlanta Falcons, quit football in pursuit of a career in baseball.

#CardCorner: 1972 Topps Mudcat Grant

A 2004 visit from Mudcat Grant brought a 1972 baseball card to life.

#CardCorner: 1968 Topps Bob Veale

Pitcher Bob Veale's size and fastball intimidated many opponents.

#CardCorner: 1985 Topps Don Baylor

Don Baylor never went down without a fight.

#CardCorner: 1969 Topps Larry Haney

With soft hands, the ability to call a good game and to block pitches well, Larry Haney was a catching artist.

#CardCorner: 1972 Topps Ken Berry

Ken Berry's fielding in the outfield drew praise from his teammates

#CardCorner: 1981 Fleer Bobby Bonds

Before Barry Bonds, there was Bobby Bonds.

#CardCorner: 1967 Topps Joe Foy

This 1967 Topps card features Joe Foy, a member of the 1967 American League champion Boston Red Sox.

#CardCorner: T-Dog's Zombie Night First Pitch

IronE Singleton helped the Miami Marlins celebrate Zombie Night by throwing out the first pitch.

#CardCorner: 1969 Topps Elrod Hendricks

Encouraging and upbeat, Elrod Hendricks made a positive impression on just about everyone he ever met.

#CardCorner: 1978 Topps Al Oliver

In his 1978 Topps card, Al Oliver appears to be deeply engrossed in thought.

#CardCorner: 1981 Topps Tom Underwood

Pitcher Tom Underwood had a seamlessly smooth delivery.

#CardCorner: 1974 Topps Willie Stargell

The case of the stolen card.

#CardCorner: 1990 Score Lance McCullers

This Lance McCullers baseball card features what appears to be a painful grimace.

#CardCorner: 1968 Topps Lou Johnson

Sweet Lou Johnson powered the Dodgers in the 1960s.

#CardCorner: 1973 Topps Jim Kaat

Jim Kaat was one of the first pitchers to be pictured during an at-bat on a Topps card.

#CardCorner: 1987 Donruss Mike Krukow

In 1886, Mike Krukow became the San Francisco Giants first 20-game winner since 1973.

#CardCorner: 1973 Topps Jim Ray Hart

Jim Ray Hart, a man with quick wrists like Hank Aaron, had a style of his own.

#CardCorner: 1989 Topps Doug Rader

Doug Rader was not your average big league manager.

#CardCorner: 1992 Topps Darryl Strawberry

Darryl Strawberry is featured on this 1992 Topps card.

#CardCorner: 1969 Topps Manny Mota

"Now batting for Pedro Borbon...Manny Mota...Mota...Mota."

Card Corner: 1979 Topps Don Stanhouse

Don Stanhouse was adventurous on and off the field.

#CardCorner: 1989 Topps Bob Geren

A case of mistaken identity.

#CardCorner: 2015 Topps Mike Trout

Mike Trout's enthusiasm and joy are captured in his 2015 Topps Stadium Club Card.

#CardCorner: 2002 Leaf Mike Piazza

A quest to find every baseball card that features Mike Piazza in a Marlins uniform.

#CardCorner: 1972 Topps Blue Moon Odom

Blue Moon Odom's unusual delivery style is captured in his 1972 Topps "In Action" card.

#CardCorner: 1977 Topps Mark Fidrych

Mark Fidrych's 1977 Topps card captures his warmth and authenticity, elements that made him a national sensation in 1976.